In Development

This page features all of the officially announced upcoming features in Warframe and tracks what is known to currently be in development. This InDev page will only list items shared on official sources.

Prime Information

Next Prime frame: TBD
Other Prime features: TBD

For more information on prime warframes, check the Warframe Release and Prime Log.




  • Upcoming Warframe(s)
    • Musician / Virtuoso / Bard theme. Named Octavia at PAX East 2017. (2016 PAX West, Devstream 82)
      • Abilities are “Vauban-like” and features a variety of deployed skills (Devstream 85)
        • They might dynamically change depending on your musical selections via the step sequencer. (Devstream 86)
      • New default colors and animations are underway (Devstream 85). Idle animation will sync to the BPM of your personalized step sequencer. This may no longer be the case as of Devstream 86.
      • Realistically not going to arrive until 2017. (Devstream 83)
      • Includes a step sequencer with a limited number of notes players can set to create their own music.
        • Updated information regarding the step sequencer was shown on Devstream 86. Players might be able to share their creations with an import/export function.
      • Multiple players can sync up their songs.
      • A new emote is being considered as a way to play the Bard’s full song without interruption. (Devstream 86)
  • General adjustments / changes (not full reworks)
    • Improvements to Warframe scaling (Devstream 69)
  • Upcoming Augments

Reworks in progress:

  • Limbo rework is on the way. (Devstream 75, Devstream 81, Devstream 83)
    • A gameplay preview was shown on Devstream 88:
      • Passive – Enter and exit the Rift by “rolling” (unique “Void Dash” animation for Limbo). Does not cost Energy.
        #1: (Still) Banish – Now an Area of Effect ability which shifts multiple targets within range into the Rift depending on which plane Limbo is in.
        #2: Stasis – All AI and projectiles become frozen in time (based on duration). One practical application of this would be to freeze an enemy and begin firing at them — your projectiles will become frozen in time, but will stack up. You could unload an entire magazine in frozen time and when the stasis ends the enemy would hit by the force of that full magazine. Warframe abilities will be unaffected by Stasis, though there will be a limit of how many enemies and projectiles that can be frozen in time. Exceeding the cap will prematurely end Stasis and close the Rift with a penalty-like cooldown before the Rift can be opened again.
        #3: Rift Surge – Radially charge enemies within the Rift, priming them to deal bonus damage to nearby enemies when killed (similar to how Nova’s Molecular Prime functions). Charged enemies which exit the Rift create a miniature Cataclysm with smaller range and power than a direct cast (values are still being adjusted). These miniature Cataclysms will also be affected by Stasis.
        #4: Cataclysm – Mostly unchanged. More damage based on how many enemies are in the Rift and now stuns enemies.
    • As shared on Devstream 84, the developers are currently experimenting with reworking Limbo’s mechanics to allow him to enter and exit the Rift through movement mechanics (rolling) which will be accompanied by new animations and effects. Additionally, Limbo will be gaining some powers over time to allow him to slow down or freeze enemies. No ETA was given, but the developers indicated they would want to show off a potential rework on an upcoming Devstream (in 2017).
    • Still being worked on and a demo is possibly on the way for the next Devstream. (Devstream 85)
      • Animations for the new dodge and Rift mechanics are currently being tested. (Devstream 86)


  • Only confirmed that Excalibur Umbra is coming to the global build. Everything else is still TBD (Devstream 61) Considered to be Coming Soon™
  • The Umbra reveal is intended to be on par with the Focus System reveal. DE does not want to give away any more information than necessary, but it is currently being created and not just a concept at this point. (Devstream 74)
  • There will be a third quest following The War Within which will feature/unveil the Umbra and provide a deeper exploration of what the warframes are. (Devstream 79)
  • Acknowledged on Devstream 85 (2), but no new information has been shared at this time.



  • Upcoming Weapon(s):
    • A new Tenno Pump Shotgun (Devstream 84)
      • Animations and models are still being worked on. No ETA available. (Devstream 88)
    • The Lunaro Arcata is coming for PvE (Devstream 78)
      • Development on this weapon has been on hold for a while now. There is not an ETA for its arrival or when development will resume. (Devstream 88)
      • This weapon utilizes the Lunaro ball by launching it at enemies to deal damage. It is considered a new school of throwing weapon (no comment was made on stances). You attack enemies by throwing the ball or can use shoulder checks and tackles while you’re carrying the ball.
    • Procedurally generated Sentient/Focus-related weapons  (2016 PAX East Panel, Twitter)
      • Still in development as of Devstream 85. It will be a new class of weapon which still uses an ammo system. Damage with this weapon is meant to be rewarding for skillful play.
      • Still in early concept stages. Images shown below (combined with upcoming Sentient enemy design)

Reworks and Changes:

  • The early Beta weapons Lato and Braton Vandal variants might make a return, but no ETA was given. (Devstream 77)


  • Further improvements to Archwing’s movement controls are under development after Specters of the Rail’s changes to the movement system (Devstream 77) Note: Some improvements have already made their way in, but more may be on the way. Such as improving the re-addition of Melee Slide Attacks.
    • As of Devstream 86, the developers are considering options such as adding in more controller key bindings or a “nuclear option” of reverting (or adding a toggle to revert to) the original Archwing movement system.
  • New, larger Archwing enemies (Devstream 71)


  • Kubrows and Kavats
    • The Helminth Charger will be receiving a new model which will match Nidus’ thematic design (Devstream 85)
    • More Kavat species are planned but no information was shared on what they might be yet (Devstream 82)
  • Sentinels
    • Nothing new to share at this time.


  • Older mods which have become outdated (such as status-only weapon mods) may be revisited before Damage 3.0. (Devstream 86)
  • Mods like Combustion Beam are being worked on right now to have scaling benefits as opposed to flat bonuses. (Devstream 72)
    • New mods have been introduced to the game which offer some scaling, but not as described on this Devstream.
  • Syndicate Augments
    • Warframes (Devstream 72)
    • Weapons (Devstream 72) – NOTE: These are still subject to change
      • Miter (Steel Meridian): Up to 90% chance to instantly break Nullifier bubbles
      • Silva & Aegis (Arbiters of Hexis): Absorb 50% of incoming projectile damage while blocking which can be released as extra damage on your next charged attack
      • Obex (Cephalon Suda): Causes lethal, channeled ground finishers resulting in enemies exploding (dealing damage either up to 1000 blast type damage or some kind of scaled damage)
      • Lanka (The Perrin Sequence): Causes airborn units to turn into stunning arc traps when killed
      • Kunai (Red Veil): Increases magazine by 200%
      • Panthera (New Loka): Alternate fire has a chance to disarm enemies
  • Melee Stance Mods
    • New stances are in development but no timeline is set. Daggers and Tonfas were specifically mentioned. (2016 PAX East Panel)
      • Sovereign Outcast was introduced as a new Tonfa stance in this time.

Arcane Enhancements

  • Arcane Distillers will no longer be necessary to remove Arcane Enhancements from your equipment! You will be able to freely install and uninstall AEs at will. The current prototype allows players to re-use Arcane Distillers (i.e. they are not consumed on use). (Devstream 78, Devstream 80, Devstream 80 #2, Devstream 84) Arcane Distillers are no longer consumed on use. These sources will remain on the page as Digital Extremes explores other options to improve upon Arcane Enhancement installation.
  • Arcane Enhancements may be reworked to not require a cosmetic item equipped (Devstream 62)
    • This is still in consideration, but not planned as of now (Devstream 75)



  • General
    • Clan Dojos will be hosted by Digital Extremes in the near future (similarly to how the Relays are). (Devstream 88)
    • A “Mission Builder” is on the way for Clan Warlords soon™. You can select a mission type, tile set, enemy level, which enemies to populate the mission, a VIP to protect, and an NPC ally to spawn in at the start of the mission. This is just an early version of the idea and DE will probably consider balance concerns in regards to spawning in specific enemy types to create hyper-efficient farming missions. (Devstream 81)
    • DE has an open thread taking suggestions for mission ideas on the Official Forums.
  •  Trials
    • Trial mission design is on hold until further notice (Devstream 75, Tenno Live 2016)
      • Content from the trials, such as tiles and parkour objectives, can be expected to make their way into standard missions in the future, however. Note: Infested Salvage, a new mission type in Update 19.5, plays very similarly to The Jordas Verdict Stage 1 Decoding.
  • Sorties
    • Further adjustments to the Sortie reward table are being considered (Devstream 85)
    • New missions are being added to the Sortie pool: Kuva Fortress Assault and Infested Salvage. (Devstream 86)
      • Archwing missions might be added at a later date, after further polish is done on the Archwing game mode. (Devstream 86)
  • Relics & Fissures
    • Nothing shared at this time.
  • Standard Missions
    • DE is exploring options to draw players to the Kuva Fortress. Possibly a new lore oriented drop related to an upcoming new character. (Devstream 85, Devstream 85)
      • A new stance has been added already: Sovereign Outcast for the Tonfa weapon class from Heavy Kuva Gunners.
  • Archwing Missions
    • Archwing exploration-based mission was being worked at one point, but not implemented because it was not “compelling” (Devstream 75)
  • Dark Sectors
    • Still in development as of Devstream 86. Resembles an RTS with indirect PvP, but still competitive in nature.
    • The return of Dark Sectors will place a greater emphasis on exploration and offer a way for your Clan to work together and expand. The Specters (introduced in Specters of the Rail) may also player a role in the Dark Sectors. (Devstream 77)
    • Dark Sector rework is in progress (Devstream 69)
      • It will be a communal activity rather than a PvP one. No longer contested locations. (Devstream 71)
  • Events
    • DE is planning to return to the method of using events to introduce and test new content (similar to the Survival Weekend Event). After the event is over, DE will take a bit of time to fine-tune it and then reintroduce it as a standard gameplay mode in the future. (Devstream 81) Note: The Index has been introduced this way so far, but the Pacifism Defect is not yet a standard mission type.
    • DE plans to make events happen more often in the future. (2016 PAX East Panel, Devstream 73) Note: There have been events since both of these points, but not at a regular frequency as implied.
  • Quests
    • The Octavia warframe will be released with a new quest. (Devstream 83)
    • There will be a quest for the Umbra reveal which will provide a deeper exploration of what the warframes are. (Devstream 79)


  • A remaster of the Earth tile set is on the way (Devstream 85). More updates were shown on Devstream 89.
  • HDR support is inbound for XB1 with plans to take it to as many platforms (Devstream 81)
    • Will likely arrive for consoles first and then make its way to PC (Devstream 85)
  • A variety of environmental and graphical changes are on the way (Devstream 81):
    • DX12 and Vulkan are being considered long term but are not currently in development. They will be explored further after HDR support is implemented and UI rendering is improved. (Devstream 85)
    • Foliage mesh generation for more lush vegetation (Twitter) Technically added in Update 19.5 with Nidus’ Ravenous ability, but not implemented on Earth yet.
    • Vertex planes are being added to tiles to allow for more randomization
    • New art tools for creating some more randomization across similar items. Unclear if this has been implemented or not yet – I assume it has been.
    • Volumetric Lighting (Added in Update 19: The War Within)
    • Mirror rendering


  • Initially being introduced as a part of the upcoming reworked Ambulas encounter, these new Corpus dropships will be coming to the open world environments (such as the Corpus Ice Planet and Corpus Outpost tile sets) to deploy reinforcements. Part of the inspiration for the development of this new unit is to address how spawning mechanics in large tiles feel a bit awkward as enemies manifest out of thin air. They are equipped with deployable MOAs and turrets on the exterior in addition to the units carried inside. (Devstream 87)
  • Infested Eximus units will be receiving “weakpoints” which leave them invulnerable to damage until the weakpoints are destroyed. The higher the enemy level, the higher the chance of a weakpoint (or multiple weakpoints) appearing. (Devstream 87)
  • Corpus Fabricator enemies will be added as a summonable type of unit deployed from portal-like objects used by certain Crewman units (similar to how Drahk Masters summon Drahks, but with a step added in). (Devstream 87)
  • The Shadow Stalker’s Acolytes may be making a return to the game in a new way. (Devstream 85)
  • Nullifier Crewman units are being tweaked a bit on internal builds to experiment with a “weakpoint” which rewards skillful play for weapons with lower fire rates (such as Sniper Rifles). It has opened up a broader  discussion about endgame combat systems such as armor scaling, one-hit kills, and what element of skill enemies can bring to the table instead of just flat statistical increases. (Devstream 85)
    • The weakpoint will interact with the environment and limit the size of the bubble based on ceiling height of the space the Nullifier Crewman is occupying. The weakpoint can be destroyed, but does not have a visual health bar and remains to be seen if it can be crit or will scale with level. (Devstream 86)
  • Ambulas, the boss / assassination target of Pluto, is next in line to receive a rework (Devstream 85)
    • A new model and new encounter on on the way. The new encounter will be similar to the Raptor fight in that multiple Ambulas units must be destroyed.
  • Hunhow and the Sentients
    • Upcoming Carrier Sentient enemy. Deploys new Conculysts/Battlysts by absorbing the essence they disperse when destroyed and using that to empower a new unit. (Devstream 87)
    • Upcoming Exo-Suit Sentient enemy (2016 PAX East Panel)


  • Dark Sector rework is in progress, but it will no longer be PvP. Refer to Gameplay – Missions above.

General Combat and Miscellaneous

  • Crowd-sourced dedicated server improvements are planned. They are currently limited to Windows operating systems and appears to require a full installation of Warframe. Pending the success of these servers it is possible to expand upon it in the future. (Devstream 73, Devstream 76, Devstream 77, Devstream 78, Devstream 81) These servers have been implemented, but sources will remain available on this page until further plans for PvE are unveiled.
  • Changes are coming to Shields in the near future (soon™). Digital Extremes is experimenting with the mechanic of Shield-Gating — a way to prevent excess damage from spilling over to health when shields are depleted. (Devstream 79)
    • The developer assigned to this task was pulled and the experiment was put on pause. It is still being worked on, but there is not an ETA available yet. (Devstream 81)
    • Still being worked on, but not yet ready for testing. (Devstream 86)

Cosmetics & Customization

Upcoming Warframe C&C

Upcoming Weapon C&C

  • Nothing shared at this time

Upcoming Companion C&C

  • Sentinels
    • Nothing shared at this time.
  • Kubrows
    • Nothing shared at this time.
  • Kavats
    • Nothing shared at this time.

Upcoming Operator C&C

  • Nothing shared at this time.

Upcoming Miscellaneous C&C

  • A Photobooth system is being implemented for all your screenshot/wallpaper needs! You will be able to select a loadout to take into a Simulacrum-like mission where you have the power to stop/slow time, spawn enemies, toggle a free camera, adjust color settings, and select a tile for your fashion needs. The name of this new mode is yet to be determined. (Devstream 88, Devstream 89)
  • New decorations are coming for the Orbiter and possibly the Dojo (Devstream 85)
  • Per-Item Accessory colorization options are confirmed to be on the way (Tenno Live 2016, Devstream 80, Devstream 84)
    • This was a follow up to Mynki’s acknowledging statements in Devstream 72.

System Reworks / Overhauls

“Damage 3.0”

  • Damage System changes are on the way, but DE is being cautious about implementing them all at once. (Devstream 79, Devstream 80). Note: Riven Mods are not likely part of this discussion… or at least don’t seem to be.
    • Changes are still planned, but no details have been shared at this point (Devstream 83).
    • Damage 3.0 will be placing a greater emphasis on re-balancing enemies rather than re-balancing weapons/mods. (Devstream 85)
    • Gameplay will still be oriented around the few against many, but not necessarily include AI overhauls for common enemy types. (Devstream 85)
  • Concerns with “must-have” mods are being discussed internally (Devstream 44)  No longer the focus as of Devstream 85.
    • Possible Multishot changes include adding multishot mechanics to melee (Devstream 58) or reworking multishot completely (Devstream 59 and Devstream 60)

Environmental Hazards 2.0

  • Rather than being random mission variants you cannot plan for, environmental hazards will become temporarily active on a node and display information when selecting a mission so that players can prepare their loadouts for the mission. (Devstream 73)
    • This was partially implemented as part of Sabotage 2.0 for Ship-based tile sets.

Rewards and Progression Systems

 Mastery Rank



  • There are plans to “take a sledgehammer” to the Focus system and get it up to speed with the new systems introduced with The War Within, but no details have been shared at this time. (Devstream 83)


Orbiter Systems

  • Helminth Cyst permanent removal is planned to arrive soon. Once the Syndicate Assassination/Salvation system is fully implemented there will be a new way to reinfect yourself. (Devstream 85, Devstream 85) Removal has been implemented.


  • Replayable quests were planned for Update 19 (Devstream 74)
    • They are still being worked on as of Devstream 81, but there is not an ETA for the widespread functionality. Currently only The Second Dream and The War Within are replayable.
    • On Devstream 82 the devs revealed the first replayable quest will be The Second Dream. Already live in the retail client.


  • VIP Assassination and Salvation systems implementing a system similar to the Shadow of Mordor Nemesis System will be implemented as a part of Syndicates (Devstream 80)
    • This system will also reveal the mystery behind the Infested door (and presumably the door opposite of it) on the Orbiter.
    • The enemies are individual to the player and designed to scale with your level. If you fail, the enemies become more powerful.
    • This new system will have the players make stakes for rewards: If you fail to accomplish the task, you will lose Syndicate standing.
    • It is intended for long-time players as another piece of the overall Warframe endgame (Devstream 81)
  • All of the above could potentially be scrapped as of Devstream 86.
    • Now being referred to as only “Syndicate Assassinations” by the developers. No mention of “Salvation” was made on the stream.
    • Will be a Clan-based system in the Dojo.
    • Procedurally generated enemy cells will be created for a Clan to chase after a kingpin by defeating its sergeants and lieutenants.
    • Rewards are still being worked on.
  • Now being referred to as “Enemy Cells.” (Devstream 87)
    • The closer you get to the kingpin at the head of an organization, the more they fight back against you. It is an evolved version of how the Stalker marks a target for defeating a boss and then attacks in another mission.
    • Clans will also be receiving a new “Rank” system in the near future which will impact your Clan’s options for Enemy Cells. The more Enemy Cells you take down, the more (core) structures you build in your Dojo (not decorations/hallways), the more research your Clan completes, the more your Clan’s Affinity/Rank will increase. The new rank system will retroactively be added for Clans which have already built/researched items. Most of this system is planned around group activity, but solo Ghost Clans were acknowledged.
    • A quick preview of the upcoming Clan Affinity System UI was shown on Devstream 89

User Interface and Account Management

Nothing shared at this time.

Note: [DE]Pablo has shared some of the work in progress on his Twitter account, such as having alternate stats display in the Arsenal for weapons with alt fire / switch types, but I’m hesitant to consider tweets an official source of news until a Devstream corroborates what is shared.

Coming Soon™

For the things we’ve heard were coming up Soon™ or being worked on which have not been updated or spoken about in over a year.

  • Adjustments to Bleedout (Devstream 70) NOTE: Inaros serves as proof of concept for upcoming changes. The changes in this Devstream may have been referring to the Bleedout movement mechanics rather than Bleedout revival mechanics.
  • Zephyr ZephyrIcon Deluxe Skin (Devstream 67, Devstream 67 Official Overview). Shown below on the left is the original display. The images to its right are new versions as of Devstream 79 – the energy wings glow on performing bullet jumps and using abilities.
    • Still being worked on, but there is not an ETA (Devstream 85)
  • Stance Mod acquisition methods are being experimented with, but nothing is set in stone yet (Devstream 67)
    • New methods have been brought in with The Silver Grove update for select stances, but not to the extent discussed in this Devstream.
  • Sortie token system (Devstream 66Note: Three iterations have been made to the Sortie reward pools. Tokens might not be off the table, but not likely to come.
  • Private Chat Channels (Devstream 61) and further chat improvements (Devstream 65) are planned. Note: Some more improvements arrived with the Specters of the Rail update, but not the full scope as described on those Devstreams.
  • Immortal skins are planned for all new warframes (Devstream 63)
  • Mastery Rank Assignments: The requirements of MR on various gear will be adjusted. (Devstream 59)
  • Adjustable UI which allows players to resize UI elements individually (Devstream 23)
  • Player-created quests (Tenno Live 2014)
  • Dojo Obstacle Course changes. Possibly modular creation tools for Clans to make their own. (Devstream 44, 2016 PAX Australia)
  • Nightmare version of The Jordas Verdict (Devstream 50)
    • As mentioned elsewhere on this page, further Trial development is currently on indefinite hold.
  • Dagger rework was mentioned along the lines of the Shotgun and Sniper reworks (Devstream 50)
  • Nef Anyo (Devstream 51, Official Devstream 51 Overview) are in development.
    • Still in progress, but not soon (Devstream 85)
    • Planned to be the next big Corpus boss fight / update (Tenno Live 2016) Proven not to be the case – The Raptor was reworked first and next Ambulas will be.
    • Nef Anyo model(s) (updated from Devstream 87):


For the things that were mentioned in Devstreams and other official sources but not expanded upon to a concrete degree. More than a “yup” but less than “we’re working on it right now” and generally reserved for less intensive tasks.

  • Cloth physics for Volt. (Devstream 88)
  • The “Chroma” unit from Dark Sector may be added as a stealth-focused enemy in the near future. (Devstream 87)
  • Further gameplay options in light of The War Within for the new Transference system are being considered and experimented with, but nothing is finalized yet (Devstream 83)
  • Animation for and unlocking more areas for the Operator are on the way (Devstream 83)
  • A Focus System overhaul is being considered as the next main focus after The War Within launches (Devstream 81)
  • Improvements to Kavat Genetic Code acquisitions are being considered (Devstream 81)
  • Dojo 2.0 is still planned, but not the main focus of development right now (2016 PAX West)
  • Re-assigning color values for Chroma’s elemental affinity energy color options (2016 PAX East Panel)