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Reinforced Glass Upgrades En Route to Corpus Fleet Destroyed

SKYRESH, PHOBOS—After over four years and thousands of formal requisition requests by Corpus Crewman forces, the Corpus Board of Directors approved the production of far more durable reinforced glass for the military fleets deployed across the system. An estimated 19.12 trillion Credits worth of shipments were reported to be destroyed due to sabotage.

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System Tenno Reminisces About Fusion Cores

ORCUS RELAY, PLUTO—Overhearing a group of newer Tenno eagerly discussing how much Endo they had saved up in order to rank up their recently obtained Primed Mods, a veteran Tenno began rambling on and on about Fusion Cores and how newer players don’t even appreciate how good they have it now.
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Orokin Derelicts Closed Due to Flooding

OROKIN DERELICTS, SOL SYSTEM—Access to several Orokin Derelict towers was allegedly cut off by the Lotus late last January due to reports of flooding. Many Tenno remain skeptical of these reports as have not seen any evidence to support the possibility of a flood in the first place. The Forma’s Senior Derelict Anlayst files this report.
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Digital Extremes Fires Disgruntled Employees Who Had Been Secretly Sabotaging Warframe

LONDON, ONTARIO—In a shocking revelation last Tuesday, Digital Extremes discovered a disgruntled employee had purposefully been injecting rogue code into the updates. The saboteur had brazenly taken credit for over a dozen unsanctioned alterations made to the game. Digital Extremes has refused to comment on the situation and has not yet issued a press release or statement to their customers regarding the incident. The now-terminated employee has come forward to shed light on the situation in a Forma exclusive.

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System Tenno Reminds Community That Warframe Is Still in Beta

ORCUS RELAY, PLUTO—Having grown weary of seeing fellow Tenno voicing their concerns regarding the Hema for over a month, one system Tenno has taken a stand to end the conflict once and for all. Taking advantage of the masses gathered for the Void Trader’s new wares, the system Tenno began broadcasting their message to the unexpected audience: “Warframe is still in beta, guys.”

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