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History of the Orokin

To celebrate the beginning of another solar year, the Orokin Histroy Society: Hebes Idea Tempus has released a new publication detailing the rise and fall of the Orokin Empire. The new publication includes new sources of information thought long lost after the fall of Orokin society, but have been uncovered partially due to the resurgence of the Sentients in the past year. Risking life and limb to recover these long lost texts and artifacts, these scholars have found undeniable proof of what Orokin society was truly like. Continue reading “History of the Orokin”

Digital Extremes Taking Steps to Repair Relationship with Community

After a tumultuous year of backlash from the community and general miscommunication from Digital Extremes, the two parties have finally agreed to make an effort to repair their relationship. Starting in January 2017, Digital Extremes and the Warframe community will begin relationship counseling together with a specialist from the industry.

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Behind Enemy Lines: Grineer Queens Furious Over Kuva Shortage

KUVA FORTRESS, SOL SYSTEM—Following the events of a recent encounter face-to-face with the Tenno, the Kuva Guardian forces have been frantically attempting to replenish the Grineer’s Kuva reserves. Thousands of Kuva Siphons have been deployed across the system accompanied by elite forces from the Queens’ fortress. Ex-Grineer forces now working with the Steel Meridian syndicate have reported that the younger queen has been on a month-long tantrum, executing thousands of Grineer soldiers for failing to provide her with more Kuva. Continue reading “Behind Enemy Lines: Grineer Queens Furious Over Kuva Shortage”