Update Regarding Connectivity Issues Over The Weekend

[DE]Danielle posted a new thread yesterday (March 13, 2016) about scheduled maintenance for today (March 14, 2016). As a result of the DDoS attacks, DE will be extending the One Thousand Cuts Tactical Alert as well as the double resource bonus and extension on purchased boosters. Baro will also be extending his visit.

The maintenance should already be over for the forums and game by the time this post is up.

Here is the transcript of [DE]Danielle’s post (updates will be added to this post):

Hey Tenno – Update on tomorrow’s maintenance and what to expect from this weekend’s downtime.

March 14th Maintenance schedule:

We will be proceeding as scheduled with the 7 AM – 8 AM EDT window dedicated to improving the Forums announced here: Post by [DE]Danielle

The Forums will be offline during the hour as maintenance is carried out by our provider. Once they have finished your access to the Forums will be restored.

Additionally, as a safeguard against future Ddos attacks we will be following up with a brief update with our infrastructure partners starting at 9AM EDT. This will affect access to all platforms in-game, the website, and the Forums for approximately 10 minutes.

To reiterate:
7:00 AM to ~ 8:00 AM EDT: Forums will offline.
10:00 AM to ~ 10:10 AM EDT: Warframe (all platforms), the website, and the Forums will be offline.

March 11 – 13 Connectivity Issues – What to Expect

Due to the unforeseen downtime over the weekend due to connectivity issues we will be extending the One Thousand Cuts Tactical alert and its double resource bonus. Purchased boosters will also be attended to. Baro will also be extending his visit to give you ample time to build up your ducat stockpile. If you were kicked from a mission and lost rewards as a result please contact support with the following information (file the ticket under EQUIPMENT AND INVENTORY – Missing Items):

#### Please provide the following information *IN TEXT FORM* (we will not be able to process requests if you were NOT in solo mode and the mission was successfully completed without you):
* What are the **Names of the other Players** that received the item?
* What **One Item** do you want restored?
* **When** (date & time + your time zone) did you finish the mission?
* **Where** (Node / Void / Derelict / alert) did you play the mission?

With this information we might be able to create a reference but only if all of the above information is provided. Please only provide this information in TEXT form. Screenshots and videos will not be accepted.

**Please reply with the required information within the next FIVE days. After that, we will be unable to assist.**

We will have more information on the length of time at which we will be extending the aforementioned items tomorrow after maintenance is finished.

We want to thank you again for your patience over the past 2 days as we worked to restore connectivity and get you back to playing Warframe. Those of you who are still experiencing login issues we are investigating and will keep you updated.

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