Information Resources: – Compiled information resources about drops (using official drop table data), Zaws, Fishing, Rivens, and more.


Warframe Wiki – Documentation about gameplay mechanics compiled by both players and occasionally Digital Extremes’ staff.


Warframe – Status tracker for various services related to Warframe.



Official Website
Official Drop Rates
Official News
Official Forums
Dev Post Tracker
Official Support
Warframe Nexus App: Android | iOS


Alert Tracker:

Tenno Tools






Warframe Subreddit



Warframe Release and Prime Log – A log of the release order of all warframes.

Warframe Void Trader Log – A log of all of Baro Ki’Teer’s visits to the relays.

Warframe Resource Cost Log – A log of all of the equipment crafting and research resource costs. No longer being maintained.

Warframe Update Data – A log of when every update and hotfix took place.

Warframe Ayatan Sculpture Calculator – A calculator for how much potential Endo you have available through Ayatan sculptures and stars.

Warframe Focus Schools Progression Tracker – A calculator to keep track of how much more Focus is required for a given school. Make a copy of the file to use it for your own tracking. Current version: Focus 2.5.

DucatData by /u/InfiniteScaling – A compiled list of the most efficient Ducat farming methods sorted by Relics. Great for optimizing in a hurry before the Void Trader leaves!



There are a few other tools available for Warframe which I have not personally tested or used but may be worth checking out.

  • WFInfo – A companion app for Warframe that gives quick access about in game items.