Information Resources: – Compiled information resources about drops (using official drop table data), Zaws, Fishing, Rivens, and more.


Warframe Wiki – Documentation about gameplay mechanics compiled by both players and occasionally Digital Extremes’ staff.


Warframe – Status tracker for various services related to Warframe.



Official Website
Official Drop Rates
Official News
Official Forums
Dev Post Tracker
Official Support
Warframe Nexus App: Android | iOS


Alert Tracker:

Deathsnacks Alert Tracker






Warframe Subreddit

There are several Warframe-related Discord servers available as well. To get you started, check out the Warframe Raid School Bus! They’re dedicated to helping players find groups for and learn how to complete the Trial missions. They also have a directory of other Discord servers you might want to check out.

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Warframe Release and Prime Log – A log of the release order of all warframes.

Warframe Void Trader Log – A log of all of Baro Ki’Teer’s visits to the relays.

Warframe Resource Cost Log – A log of all of the equipment crafting and research resource costs.

Warframe Update Data – A log of when every update and hotfix took place.

Warframe Ayatan Sculpture Calculator – A calculator for how much potential Endo you have available through Ayatan sculptures and stars.

Warframe Focus Schools Progression Tracker – A calculator to keep track of how much more Focus is required for a given school. Make a copy of the file to use it for your own tracking. Current version: Focus 2.5.

DucatData by /u/InfiniteScaling – A compiled list of the most efficient Ducat farming methods sorted by Relics. Great for optimizing in a hurry before the Void Trader leaves!



There are a few other tools available for Warframe which I have not personally tested or used but may be worth checking out.

  • WFInfo – A companion app for Warframe that gives quick access about in game items.