TennoLIVE 2017 Recap

TennoLIVE 2017 aired on July 8, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the stream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves. You can view the recorded stream directly on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

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  1. Cast
  2. First Reveal: Cetus Colony
  3. Second Reveal: Plains of Eidolon
  4. Operator Armor and Weapons
  5. Next Prime Access Reveal: Hydroid
  6. New Warframe Reveal: “Glass” Themed Warframe
  7. Next Round of TennoGen
  8. Third Reveal: The Next Cinematic Quest

TennoLIVE 2017’s Cast

From left to right:

Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Steve: Creative Director
Geoff: Art Director
Sheldon: Studio Manager
Scott: Design Director

First Reveal: Cetus Colony

TIMESTAMP 16:12 | Ostron Reclmataion Colony. A hub of NPCs is shown and a Liset with an Excalibur warframe drops in on a landing pad. The colonists were extracting a “chunk” from a tower which was seemingly Orokin, but with layers of flesh and blood inside of its walls. Around 19:10 Steve begins to explain the lore behind the colony. Described as a “living Relay” populated by people without superstitions about the Orokin legacy, it is a hub of free traders. Even the Corpus have traders there!

A series of merchants and booths are shown as Excalibur walks around the hub. Hok’s Anvil stands out (21:14) as particularly interesting because it will allow you to craft your own weapons from parts. Each customization option affects the stance and the stats of each unique blend. You can also name the weapons you craft.

Second Reveal: Plains of Eidolon

At 23:10 an NPC – Konzo – gives a task to the Tenno. Megan joins Rebecca to demo the quest. It is revealed that this “Relay” is actually an open world hub with a live battlefield outside of the town in which these quests areĀ  – The Plains of Eidolon. Caves, hidden camps, and even more to explore. Rebecca encounters a Grineer patrol and sees a pair of archwing units fly by. The plains are littered with Sentient corpses which the Grineer are trying to recover as well.

At 27:53, a gear item is equipped and a fishing minigame is revealed. Around 29:00, another gear item is deployed and the player summons in an archwing to free fly around the level. It is automatically unequipped when she touches down on the ground at the base of a Grineer outpost. A Grineer dropship is shown at 31:28 and the sun sets shortly after. At 32:00 the gameplay is interrupted by a cutscene.

The ground begins to shimmer with energy and from a small pond a Sentient monstrosity emerges. End scene.

The “Eidolon” is a new type of faction or enemy – the Sentient colossus shown in the cinematic. Note: You can view HD footage of the gameplay directly here: Warframe – Plains of Eidolon – 17-minute Gameplay Demo.

Operator Armor and Weapons

TIMESTAMP 37:34 | Some concept art is shown for new Operator equipment: armor and weapons. This Plains of Eidolon update is going to expand on the role of the Operator as a “warrior” of sorts. You will collect resources and be able to craft a “Focus gun” – which will utilize your Focus schools. The goal is to improve upon the duality of the warframe and the operator. Models are shown at 41:05.

Note: No mention of a Focus rework was mentioned, just building this new system on top of it.

Next Prime Access Reveal: Hydroid

TIMESTAMP 42:35 | Hydroid Prime, along with the Ballistica Prime and Nami Skyla Prime. A new set of Prime Armor and a Prime Sugatra will be the featured accessories. Revealed earlier at TennoCon on one of the panels held prior to the stream.

New Warframe Reveal: “Glass” Themed Warframe

TIMESTAMP 43:48 | The model for the new warframe was shown and is revealed to have a glass theme. She will be paired with a glass hammer and glass shotgun. Some art assets were revealed earlier at one of the panels held prior to the stream.

Next Round of TennoGen

TIMESTAMP 45:13 | The next round of TennoGen was shown on the stream.

Third Reveal: The Next Cinematic Quest

TIMESTAMP 1:08:00 | The Umbra reveal was shown and confirmed to be the next cinematic quest. You can also see it here: PlayWarframe YouTube Channel. No ETA was given.


Sidenotes: (1) Scott discussed a potential Trinity revisit, but made it clear that no changes are on the way or being worked on. It was also mentioned that Hydroid is being looked at. (2) There are not any plans for Warframe on Mac OS at this time. (3) Polearm stances are being worked on and multiple are hopefully arriving with the new modular weapon options. (4) Mag Deluxe skin still exists, but has been off of the development table for a while now.

These items are not “confirmed” to be on the way, just acknowledged.



If you missed the rest of TennoCon, here are some art assets of other items being worked on right now:

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