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Analysis of Focus 2.0

Over a year ago I wrote an in-depth analysis of the Focus system and its failures. It was an unabashed dive into where the concept of a Focus system began and what ultimately came out of it — the mess that it was when it was added to the game with The Second Dream and how it festered for months. Warframe Update 22.0 completely reworked the Focus system and gave it new life so it’s time to take a look once again. Continue reading “Analysis of Focus 2.0”

The Failures of Focus

Focus was added to Warframe as part of The Second Dream quest included with Update 18.0 in December 2015. The cinematic quest has been highly praised by the Warframe community as an exciting first step toward unveiling the secrets of the Tenno — the player character faction — and breathing new life into the game by introducing new content and gameplay systems. Though by no means a complete source, the page shows a gain of 11,900 players in the month of December. That’s nearly double the amount of players which were lost in the previous month of November. This update introduced Focus – a new progression system bound to your account designed as an endgame advancement system.

This article provides an analysis of the Focus system to support the claim that Focus has failed as an endgame system. Continue reading “The Failures of Focus”