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Analysis of Focus 2.0

Over a year ago I wrote an in-depth analysis of the Focus system and its failures. It was an unabashed dive into where the concept of a Focus system began and what ultimately came out of it — the mess that it was when it was added to the game with The Second Dream and how it festered for months. Warframe Update 22.0 completely reworked the Focus system and gave it new life so it’s time to take a look once again. Continue reading “Analysis of Focus 2.0”

Analysis of Stealth Gameplay in Warframe

“Ninjas Play Free” — The tagline boasted at the end of the Warframe cinematic trailer invokes a sense of eastern allure with a promise of ninja-like gameplay with the powerful characters shown in the cinematic footage of warframes on the battlefield. The mastery of martial arts and powerful abilities is prominent in the design of the game, though it does not take long to realize that there is very little offered in regards to the stealth component of being a ninja in Warframe. Over the years, Digital Extremes has made several improvements and adjustments to stealth gameplay, but ultimately it is an underwhelming aspect of gameplay which is quickly ignored in favor of more brute force tactics.

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Digital Extremes’ Take on Free To Play

What do you do when everyone tells you that your game will fail? How do you react? What do you change? Digital Extremes spoke openly about the origins of Warframe with PCGamer.com and Venture Beat in recent months, shedding light on how the game came to be what it is today. Emboldened by the success of a new wave of self-published games, Digital Extremes took the rejections from potential publishers in stride and tried their hand at self publishing. Four years later, Warframe is still going strong. Whether it was out of spite for their rejections or if it was unwavering confidence in the product, Digital Extremes has proven Warframe had the potential to not only survive, but flourish.

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Analysis of Resource Costs

Warframe is a game built around the concept of collection. From picking up items to crafting new equipment, almost all of Warframe‘s many progression systems are based on collection. Resources in particular at the heart of the crafting systems within Warframe. Over the years, Digital Extremes has made adjustments to resource acquisition methods as well as inflating resource costs. In a game which has used the same resources for years, a problem inevitably presents itself: How do the developers maintain an environment in which the collection and use of these resources remains meaningful?

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The Hidden Details of Warframe

If you’ve been playing Warframe for a while, you may have noticed that not much information is readily available about various gameplay systems and mechanics within the game itself. When looking at the description of warframe abilities, they’re often unclear as to how the abilities function and what kind of synergies they might offer. Improvements have been made to the UI over time to show more information, but there is still a great deal left hidden within the code even after the initial stages of discovery by playing the game; the descriptions only show the tip of an iceberg. The Warframe community has become reliant on data miners to unveil the hidden details in each update and to to identify discrepancies between the patch notes and gameplay. (This article contains spoilers regarding The War Within) Continue reading “The Hidden Details of Warframe”