Syndicate Standing

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Syndicate Rewards

Syndicates are currently the only way to obtain Large Team Restore blueprints. It is highly recommend that you obtain the Energy restores as a priority. They also grant access to exclusive Syandana cosmetics and Sigils as well as deployable allies in missions. Every other reward (weapon augments, warframe augments, and special weapons) can be traded freely with other players regardless of syndicate standing. It is recommended you take a look at which rewards you want before choosing a Syndicate to represent.

Earning Standing

You can earn standing in a few different ways:

  1. Daily Cap (influenced by Mastery Rank)
  2. Daily Syndicate Missions (influenced by Syndicate Standing)
  3. Syndicate Medallions (obtained from Syndicate Missions or Login Rewards)

To earn Syndicate Standing toward your Daily Cap, you must generate Affinity while wearing a Syndicate Sigil (for farming Standing, refer to the Farming page). You can get all 6 base Sigils but you may only have one equipped at any time. Each Syndicate is also linked to three others. For every 1 standing you generate with the Syndicate you are representing, you will gain 0.5 for another, lose -1 for another, and lose -0.5 for another. For example, if you choose to represent Cephalon Suda, you will gain half of that amount with Arbiters of Hexis, lose the full amount with New Loka, and lose half the amount with Red Veil. Your Daily Cap total will be equal to your Mastery Rank (MR) * 1000 + 1000. For example, an MR10 player would have a daily cap of 11,000 Syndicate Standing and an MR22 player would have a daily cap of 23,000 standing.

Daily Syndicate missions are different for each Standing Level with a Syndicate. Each Standing Level has 3 different daily missions for you to earn extra standing with your Syndicate outside of the daily cap. Wearing the appropriate Sigil will further improve the gains from the mission. The other 3 linked syndicates will still be affected by these gains as well. It is possible to rank up to the next Standing Level and unlock a new set of 3 daily missions.

Syndicate Medallions can be found in Syndicate Missions (or as a randomized login reward). They are hidden across the map in locations where containers (and rare containers) can potentially spawn. They will show up on your Loot Radar as well if you have such a mod equipped. Medallions can be turned in to gain additional Standing without a daily limitation. There are three tiers of Medallions you can find which reward different amounts of Standing (500, 1000, or 5,000).

It is possible to become hostile with a Syndicate through negative Standing. At this point, Death Squads can spawn in your missions at the standard Assassin encounter rate of roughly 2% chance per mission (and only within the first 280 seconds).