Reinforced Glass Upgrades En Route to Corpus Fleet Destroyed

SKYRESH, PHOBOS—After over four years and thousands of formal requisition requests by Corpus Crewman forces, the Corpus Board of Directors approved the production of far more durable reinforced glass for the military fleets deployed across the system. An estimated 19.12 trillion Credits worth of shipments were reported to be destroyed due to sabotage.

The reinforced glass upgrades were made in mind of the escalating threats posed by the Grineer, Tenno, and even Infestation across the system. Not only would the new glass be resistant to explosive and radial energy damage, but it would also be able to withstand bullets and whips as well.

While some fleet captains requested replacing the glass entirely with proper composite plating, the projected profit analysis showed that reinforced was the cost-efficient solution. The new glass, a product of Alad V’s research on technocyte, is infused with mutagen samples collected from the remnants of Infested invasions across the system. Incidentally, three of the current members of the Board of Directors have majority shares in companies which collect the mutagen samples and production. There have been rumors in regards to manufacturing of the glass taking place on Mycona, but the back story for the colony is still being indexed to determine how they fit in to any of this.

The shipments were en route to the fleets deployed around Phobos earlier this week, but were lost after several mysterious and catastrophic reactor failures across the fleet transporting the glass. The debris of these destroyed ships are still being collected in hopes of recovering data which could reveal what happened, though investigators have suggested preliminary reports point towards Tenno involvement.

Written By TGDM

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