There are a few paths of progression in Warframe. For your overall account, there are a few particular key points:

  • Mastery Rank – Earned by ranking up different equipment.
  • Star Chart completion – Done by completing missions. Complete Junction objectives to unlock new areas.
  • Mod collection – Obtained through drops, events, the Void Trader, special missions, and more. Refer to the TCN Basic Mods Guide for a light introduction.
  • Prime equipment collection – Collect Relics and complete Void Fissures to earn Prime equipment. Some items are in the Prime Vault and inaccessible until the vault re-opens.
  • Syndicate Standing – Earned by gaining affinity while wearing a Syndicate sigil or completing daily missions.
  • Focus Schools – Earned by obtaining Focus Lenses and gaining affinity with specific equipment.
  • Arcane Enhancement collection – Earned by completing the Trial missions. Refer to the TCN Basic Trials Guide for a light introduction.
  • Daily Tribute login rewards. Every 50 days a milestone reward is given. This is the only way to acquire the Zenistar, Azima, and Zenith weapons. It is also the only way to acquire Primed Fury, Primed Vigor, and Primed Shred.

As a new player, your goal should be to advance through the Star Chart. Simply put: Go to Navigation, complete any nodes you have not yet completed, and work your way up to the next Junction mission. After completing a Junction, you will unlock access to a new system. Refer to the Planets page on the wiki for more information. The more places you can go, the more resources you collect, the more rewards you can obtain.