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One Thousand MORE Cuts – Resource Bonus Weekend

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Tenno, Conclave Master Teshin has warned of an upcoming battle with the Grineer. Your melee skills have been questioned, and you must hone them once again. You already survived “One Thousand Cuts”, so what’s a thousand more?

This weekend sharpen your melee skills through the One Thousand More Cuts Tactical Alert and take away double the Resources!

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Update: The 2035 Ban Situation

Warframe’s DE_Adam has posted a PSA regarding account security on the official forums: “PSA: AutoBan FAQ and You

This PSA covers the basics of what could potentially cause a false flag of an automatic ban as well as providing an update regarding two-factor authentication.¬†Over a month ago, I posted a thread onto Reddit hoping to collect more information from players about their experiences with the autoban system Continue reading “Update: The 2035 Ban Situation”

Update Regarding Connectivity Issues Over The Weekend

[DE]Danielle posted a new thread yesterday (March 13, 2016) about scheduled maintenance for today (March 14, 2016). As a result of the DDoS attacks, DE will be extending the One Thousand Cuts Tactical Alert as well as the double resource bonus and extension on purchased boosters. Baro will also be extending his visit. Continue reading “Update Regarding Connectivity Issues Over The Weekend”