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Infested Tumor Mystery Revealed

Tenno across the system have been trying to solve the mystery behind Door #1 on the Orbiter. In Update 18.5, Tenno have reported hearing noises originating behind the doorway on the Orbiter. In Update 18.6, Infested growths and tumors appeared in proximity of the doorway. Thanks to the efforts of our investigative team, we now know exactly what awaits us behind the locked door. Continue reading “Infested Tumor Mystery Revealed”

Loading Times Between Missions Have Been Increased

After the most recent update, many players were reporting that they had been experiencing longer loading screens between missions. The official forums, a hub of thoughtful and insightful discussion, was overrun by entitled players both boasting of their expensive hardware and rioting over the increased loading times. Continue reading “Loading Times Between Missions Have Been Increased”