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Resource Costs Are Being Readjusted

In wake of Warframe’s most recent update, players have cried out that the resource costs for new items are disproportionately higher than ever before. This was not the first time a sudden and steep escalation in resource costs took place. However, it certainly was the most dramatic increase players had seen yet and players understandably cried out over it. Digital Extremes came forward with an announcement late last night to address the player concerns raining down upon them on the official forums. Continue reading “Resource Costs Are Being Readjusted”

New Warframe Cosmetics and Accessories Announced

Digital Extremes has unveiled upcoming additions to the fan-dubbed “Fashion Frame” aspect of Warframe. Following in suite of the newer Warframe and Armor accessory designs, the new roster of accessories adds a whole new level of customization to the game as well changing the way you can acquire them.

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