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Internal Data Shows 88% Of Rathuum Groups Not Adhering To Meta

LONDON, ONTARIO—After a week of data collection during the Operation: Rathuum Event, Digital Extremes published a report detailing the most commonly used equipment. Much to the chagrin of the team which had designed the event, players were not utilizing the established meta for the event.

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Operation Rathuum

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A message from Cressa Mal

Listen up, Tenno. I don’t care if you support Steel Meridian or not, I need your help. An entire company of Grineer defectors was just captured by Kela De Thaym. Now they face Rathuum, Trial by combat. Of course, the fight’s rigged, a show of force to Grineer everywhere, meant to scare off future defectors. But there’s a way we can turn this thing back on Kela, an obscure rule.

All you need to do, Tenno, is take their place in the arena and defeat the Grineer champions. You game?

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