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Devstream #74 Recap

Devstream #74 aired today on May 13, 2016. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on PlayWarframe on YouTube. There’s also a recap post on the /r/warframe subredditDevstream #74 Megathread.

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A Primer On Optimizing Mod Ranks

In Warframe, the core of your strength does not actually come from your equipment. Some weapons are certainly more powerful than others (MK1-Braton vs Braton Prime, for example), but your true strength comes from Modules (commonly referred to as “Mods”) installed onto your chosen equipment. As you progress in Warframe, your mods will be crucial for advancing to higher level areas. Continue reading “A Primer On Optimizing Mod Ranks”