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Digital Extremes Announces New Mobile App: Warframe Go

Following suit with the success of the Warframe Nexus app (available on Android and iOS), Digital Extremes unveiled this week that they are planning on releasing a new mobile app in the 3rd quarter of 2016 in North America: Warframe GO. The app promises to deliver new content which will sync with both Warframe and Warframe Nexus to expand the Codex system in new and exciting ways.

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Analysis of Warframe Abilities: Duration and Range Base Values

In Warframe, you control a character which has access to a variety of abilities which grow in strength and magnitude as you play. Your progression is marked by a notable increase in power with these abilities which can make a substantial difference in the flow of combat. The abilities differ between each class of Warframe – the powered suits which the players control – and provide combat utility, support for allies, or pure destructive power against your enemies. These abilities can be further modified using upgrade modules players can earn through gameplay as well. The focus of this article is to analyze a variety of these abilities with a primary focus on base values for Range and Duration effects and how they are used. Continue reading “Analysis of Warframe Abilities: Duration and Range Base Values”