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TennoCon 2018 Reveal — “Tau: Become Sentient” Expansion

After nearly three years of building up the Warframe universe through the cinematic trilogy of The Second Dream, The War Within, and The Sacrifice, Digital Extremes announces their next big advent in the game’s ongoing history which will expand beyond the Sol system. Initially introduced alongside the Natah quest in 2015, the Sentient enemy faction was one of the greater mysteries of the world crafted by the Canadian studio with only a few teases prior (such as the Synthesis lore of the Detron Crewman) and gave players their first taste of the major players from this faction such as Hunhow who would play a greater role in the aforementioned cinematic trilogy. The expansion is geared toward giving players a deeper understanding of these beings crafted by the Orokin for the purpose of terraforming the Tau system, how they were created, how their journey to Tau had changed them, and how they had become sentient. Continue reading “TennoCon 2018 Reveal — “Tau: Become Sentient” Expansion”