One Thousand MORE Cuts – Resource Bonus Weekend

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Tenno, Conclave Master Teshin has warned of an upcoming battle with the Grineer. Your melee skills have been questioned, and you must hone them once again. You already survived “One Thousand Cuts”, so what’s a thousand more?

This weekend sharpen your melee skills through the One Thousand More Cuts Tactical Alert and take away double the Resources!


Use your melee skills to defeat the Grineer in four stages of close-quarters combat in the One Thousand More Cuts Tactical Alert.

Use a combination of attacks and destroy as many Grineer as possible in this high-energy Alert. Equip your favorite melee weapon, and prove your hand is steady.

Take caution, Tenno! Energy will be a precious Resource, maxed at 25.

Complete each stage and earn the following Rewards:
Stage 1 – (10 minute Survival) Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
Stage 2 – (Mobile Defense) Orokin Reactor Blueprint
Stage 3 – (Assassination – Giant Manic) Machete Blueprint Machete
Stage 4 – (10 minute Survival) Stratos Emblem Stratos-Emblem and a Random Item Reward

If you’re lucky, Tenno, the Stage 4 reward could be a Rare Item. (This Stage is replayable.)


Tenno, this weekend fill your Foundry with double the Resources! You’ll earn twice the Resources during any Warframe Mission you play from now until Monday, March 20 at 1 p.m. ET!

Hurry! The One Thousand More Cuts Tactical Alert and Double Resources Bonus Weekend are on from now until Monday, March 20 at 1 p.m. ET.

Gather your Squad and sharpen your blade!

Written By TGDM

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