Happy New Years from TCN!

Welcome to 2017, Tenno! Just a quick message (as I’m away on holiday right now), but you may have noticed that last week’s updates seem to have disappeared. Unfortunately some technical difficulties arose shortly after I left and I won’t be able to address them fully until I get back. The good news is that I have several backups of the server for these types of situations. The bad news is the most recent one appears to be corrupted.

I’ll try to get a re-post of the weekly recap and satire article up from this week via caches I managed to restore the missing published articles (as of 5 minutes before this post goes up!), but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to recover for some of the articles I had planned to arrive next week (and the week after). If I do manage to recover the backup, this post will disappear forever as well.

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