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If you haven’t heard about it yet, Digital Extremes is partnering with for the Twitch Drops program. Digital Extremes has extended participation for the exclusive Teralyst Sigil to my personal Twitch account:

When is the Teralyst Sigil stream?

Pending the release of the update, I will try to give at least 24 hours advanced notice of when the stream will take place. I will also have to carve out some time from work to do so and I cannot guarantee a specific date quite yet. I posted a thread on the subreddit and RSB last week to gauge what time would work best for people and the winner seems to be the 19:00 – 21:00 UTC range (poll results).

Due to my work schedule, I will not be able to stream at this time until Saturday October 14th.

That’s approximately 12:00 – 14:00 PT in my local time zone which might be tricky to try for on multiple days. From what I understand, the Day/Night cycle in the Plains will be 2 hours day, 50 minutes night – the achievement is unlocked by being in the plains for the full 50 minutes.

So, here’s the plan:

  1. Send out a tweet to notify people the stream is about to start
  2. Head into the Plains of Eidolon and hope that the Night cycle starts relatively soon
  3. Start a timer as soon as night begins an watch the viewer count
  4. If there are less than 200 viewers, exit the Plains after 30-40 minutes
  5. If there are more than 200 viewers, attempt to complete the achievement

This way I can help as many people as possible get the Teralyst Sigil as possible. 200 is probably too high of a number so if there aren’t enough around I’ll be adjusting it as necessary. If not enough people are showing up at that time, I’ll be adjusting it as well. Additionally, if I have the time available we can extend the duration of a stream window to get to the next night rotation as well.

If I start streaming for the other non-exclusive achievements and the viewer count gets high enough, we might just finish off the Teralyst getting at that point too. This is the least likely scenario (since I don’t usually stream), but I just wanted to make a note that this is on the table as well.

Why is TCN being included?

As a fansite, I’m not normally included in streaming events like these if you were to /profile TGDM in game, I do not have the “Community Warframe Partner” badge like the Twitch and YouTube partners. However, in the spirit of giving players more chances to earn this exclusive Sigil, Digital Extremes has included my Twitch page on the list of approved channels.

I am not going to be streaming on that channel regularly, though I’ll try to turn it on for the other achievements since that still gives drops and that’s my linked account. Be sure to check out other channels on that list above if you’re interested in Warframe streaming or video content.

I will also be handing out  TCN Glyph codes in chat as I’m streaming just in case there are people who still want them, but if you miss out feel free to join the Raid School Bus on Discord and reach out to me there. I’m on quite a few Warframe community servers so wherever you see me is fine probably :V


Overview of the Twitch Drops program for Warframe

  • Watch anyone streaming with Warframe as the selected game for to unlock the Prominence Wisp Totem.
  • Watch anyone who linked their Warframe and Twitch account to unlock a random Twitch Drop when they earn an in-game achievement.
  • Watch an official Warframe Partner earn the “By the Dawn’s Early Light” achievement with their linked Warframe account to unlock the Teralyst Sigil.

You can read more about the Warframe x Twitch Drops program here: Official Warframe Blog.

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