Farming/Grinding refers to putting in the time necessary to work towards a desired reward. A significant portion of your gameplay will involve spending the time to acquire resources or parts to make the thing you want. If it’s a Prime part or just some resources, you’re going to eventually want to work towards more efficient methods of acquisition.

First and foremost: Use the wiki to find the resource or item you need information on. Note that the wiki does not get information directly from Digital Extremes on every update. New items may not appear on the wiki for a few hours or days, depending on user input.

Before getting too deep into the rest, here’s an overview of how drop rarity works:

All item drops in the game are assigned one of four rarity flags: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. Note: The description rarity will not always match the drop rarity. Once an item is assigned a rarity, it is then distributed a drop % based on the weights. It looks something like this:

Drop Rarity
Rarity Drop Chance
Common 75.5%
Uncommon 22.0%
Rare 2.0%
Legendary 0.5%

All drops marked as “Common” will be split among that 75.5% chance evenly. Four “Common” items would be 18.875% each, for example, assuming that all other rarities are occupied as well. However, if there are no other rarities occupied (i.e. there are no Uncommon, Rare, or Legendary drops on the table), then the 75.5% would be normalized to 100% and each of the four drops would have a 25% chance to drop.

It is very rare to get information about drop categories outside of assigned color-coding in Codex entries (mission rewards, for example), but if you do get access to the rarity flags you can derive the drop chances from there.


If farming for a resource, pick the level range which is the most reasonable for you. The most efficient way to collect resources is by killing enemies. A new player in need of Neurodes may want to stick to Earth rather than trying Eris. Look for for Interception, Survival, or Defense missions. Mobile Defense works, too. A Nekros using Desecrate (#3) or a Hydroid using the augment Pilfering Swarm for Tentacle Swarm (#4) are useful when it comes to resource farming. Note that enemy levels do not influence drop rates but mission tier level can influence spawn rates.


Credit farming is perhaps one of the most daunting experiences as a new player. The missions you have access to at the start reward little to nothing when it comes to credits. The good news is that there are quite a few decent options for obtaining credits at a more meaningful rate than what you are first exposed to. In order of most to least accessible:

  1. Running any mission in general. Preferably easy to solo, fast missions such as Deception, Sabotage, or Capture. Open lockers and containers on your way through the mission. The amount you gain will vary between 2,000 and 15,000.
  2. Run an Assassination which you can quickly complete and sell excess warframe blueprints. Upwards of 5,000 per run. Bonus of Rare resources and Warframe parts you might need.
  3. Join a Dark Sector mission (or solo) to receive a substantially higher credit payout. Sechura (Pluto) is the most commonly used for extracting right away though Hieracon (Pluto) is potentially better for Credits/minute. Seimeni (Ceres) is another option to Sechura. Upwards of 20,000 per run.
  4. Sortie missions reward a hefty sum of Credits (20,000+ per run).
  5. Completing the Trials: The Jordas Verdict (200,000+ per run), The Law of Retribution NIGHTMARE (140,000+ per run), The Law of Retribution (130,000+ per run). Bonus: TLOR has a high chance of spawning rare containers which can contain 30/60 minute credit boosters as well.


Farming for mods will be a very similar experience To resource collection due to mods being acquired similarly to resources. Look up which enemies drop the desired mod on the Wiki and then find the mission most appropriate for your level. Unlike resources, you can trade with other players to acquire mods rather than trying to farm them yourself.


There are a variety of ways to earn the Endo necessary to infuse your mods. At this time, there is no “best” method, but there are several options available. Many players report that low level endless missions, such as Dark Sector Defense on Earth, can yield a high quantity of Endo within 20 waves when using appropriate farming warframes such as a Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm or Nekros using Desecrate. Another reliable source of Endo is from completing the Sorties which have a chance of rewarding 2000 or 4000 Endo (or a Legendary Fusion core).


There are a few different options for collecting void keys. Refer to the Relics wiki page for more information. Unlike its predecessor (Void Keys), Relics require you to play specific missions to obtain specific Relics. A full list is currently available on the wiki and Digital Extremes has announced plans of maintaining an official directory as well. The rewards are still randomized and it is likely you may not find the desired Relic right away.

Recommended farming locations:

  • Lith: Orokin Derelict Defense (Rotation A)
  • Meso: Io, Jupiter (Rotation A)
  • Neo: Xini, Eris (Rotation A)
  • Axi: Xini, Eris (Rotation B and C)


The long and short of it: run Void Fissure missions with Relics to obtain more Prime parts to then trade for Ducats. You can also check out the DucatData spreadsheet by /u/InfiniteScaling – A compiled list of the most efficient Ducat farming methods sorted by Relics. Great for optimizing in a hurry before the Void Trader leaves!


(and subsequently Syndicate Standing / Focus)

There are many options available to you in this regard. Depending on your goal and your means, you may be able to set up hyper-efficient groups to grind away. Or you might just be left to your own devices and need a way to start your grind. There are two primary methods of gaining Affinity (which splits well into every system):

  • Group-oriented Area of Effect (AoE) killing sessions with high enemy spawn rates
  • Solo stealth kill stacking

Ultimately, the best affinity grinds boil down to kills. The Stealth 2.0 rework introduced a new way to gain affinity without actively engaging in combat, but it is still just a drop in the bucket relative to these other measures.

For Solo stealth play, there aren’t too many restrictions. It’s also the fastest potential source of Focus due to the mechanics of that system. Using Invisibilty-based warframes such as Loki or Sleep abilities (Ivara, Equionx) will significantly improve your experience, but beyond that here’s a short checklist of things to avoid:

  • Avoid Infestation missions and any missions where enemies are actively alert (Defense, Mobile Defense, Excavation, Interception, Survival, Orokin Void in general).
  • Avoid Capture missions. Once the target is in range, it and every other unit will become permanently alert. Even if you manage to knock it down without it being alerted yet.
  • Avoid missions with wildlife units which can alert enemies and raise alarms.
  • If you load into a mission with Fire Damage (patches of fire on the ground), either abort or quickly finish the mission and try again. Enemies will be permanently alert when this randomized environment damage is active.
  • Do not use Syndicate weapons or weapon augments. The proc will alert enemies and drop your stealth multiplier.
  • Do not use noisy weapons (unless using Hushed Invisibility augment on Loki or other similar abilities). You can equip a silencer on almost every weapon except for shotguns.
  • Do not stay on the same tile too long. In Update 18.5 changes were made to the way enemies spawn. You now need to move tile to tile to maintain spawns.

For Group play, keep the following in mind:

  • The more players you have in a group, the more enemy spawns you will encounter.
  • General setups use 2 damage dealers and 2 supports. If you’re leveling weapons, you will not gain as much affinity for them as the damage dealer. If you are grinding Focus, you can potentially gain much more as the damage dealer. Damage frames have AoE kill potential and preferably can damage through walls.
  • Interception vs. Grineer is generally the best choice due to the lack of Nullifiers and abundance of Eximus units.
  • Sechura (Pluto) is another great hotspot which is generally much easier to complete. Though not nearly as much affinity/minute as other options, the mission is easy to carry yourself (or others) through up to 10-20 waves pending your gear. Most groups will probably extract at 5 because this location is a popular hotspot for credit farming.

Newer players may not have access to either of the above as they’re acquiring more mods, weapons, and warframes. For them, the best locations for Affinity farming would be:

  • Apollodorus (Mercury) – A Survival mission that starts with level 1 enemies. A decent enough place to take completely unranked, unmodded gear and get a few ranks and mods. This node is also somewhat popular and you can readily find groups via hotjoining.
  • Keep an eye out in recruitment chat to gain access to the other popular nodes. To unlock Sechura, you’ll need to complete the Assassination mission on Neptune and then either complete the missions leading to Sechura or Sechura itself afterward.