Digital Extremes Shares Their Lay Out of Plans For Warframe in 2016

Following the recent acquisition by Leyou Technology Holdings Limited in the final fiscal quarter of 2015, Digital Extremes has finally laid out their upcoming plans for the fast-paced space ninja game Warframe. While staying true to the fundamentals of Warframe and maintaining their original vision (and influences from their previous title Dark Sector), the game will undergo massive changes in 2016.

“Everything we add to Warframe is meant to build on top of what we’ve already established. We want to provide our players with new experiences and new opportunities in gameplay without taking the essence out of the things they already know and love.”reported Steve Sinclair, Video Game Director and resident domestic fowl aficionado at Digital Extremes. “With that in mind, we are redoing our Menu UI completely. In addition to the menu options players currently have, we’ve also built in a new poultry-based set of options with partnering companies such as KFC.”


Other upcoming features touch on expanding Warframe’s existing agricultural farming elements to include new crops beyond the staple potatoes, tomatoes, and forma plants. Alongside the Kavat update will come additional livestock options including the signature Chicken which paved the way to this acquisition. The Chicken update is scheduled to come after the initial influx of features in Update 19.

Our Senior Poultry Analyst was unable to confirm the partnership between Leyou Technology Holdings Limited and Kentucky Fried Chicken at this time. Colonel Sanders was unavailable for comment.

Written By TGDM

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