Devstream #98 Recap

Devstream #98 aired on September 15, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

  • A deeper look at the Plains of Eidolon
  • Q&A


  1. Cast
  2. Twitch Drop Program
  3. New Melee Stances – Sword and Dual Sword
  4. Octavia Deluxe Skin
  5. Progress Report: Focus Sledgehammer
  6. TennoGen Round 10 Announcement
  7. Progress Report: Glass Frame
  8. Progress Report: Mag Deluxe Skin
  9. Progress Report: Cetus Colony and Plains of Eidolon

Devstream #98’s Cast

From left to right:

Sheldon: Studio Manager
Geoff: Art Director
Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Steve: Creative Director
Scott: Design Director

Twitch Drop Program

TIMESTAMP 5:49 | Digital Extremes is launching a Twitch Drops campaign. You can read more about it here: Official Blog Post.

New Melee Stances – Sword and Dual Sword

TIMESTAMP 12:08 | A preview of a few of the upcoming stances planned to arrive in Update 22 (Plains of Eidolon). 4 new stances are confirmed.

Octavia Deluxe Skin

TIMESTAMP 14:08 | An Octavia deluxe skin is on the way. The concept was shown on stream.

Progress Report: Focus Sledgehammer

TIMESTAMP 15:40 | Focus is being completely reworked. All accumulated Focus will be refunded, Focus will now be about the physical operator (as opposed to tying together the operator and warframe), and expand into “Warrior Mode” for the operator.

Scott clarifies around 18:00 that Focus has shifted from the “ghost version” of the operator to the physical operator and the rework will retain a small portion of that to accommodate for the small window of time players will have between The Second Dream and The War Within. The rest of the tree then unlocks after the latter quest, but it is a completely redone tree.

The developers also confirmed that Naramon’s Shadow Step and Zenurik’s Energy Overflow are scrapped (19:19). Lenses, the UI, and the concept of investing in a tree still remain, but everything about the perks is changing. The goal is to empower the operator in gameplay.

An “infographic” was shown on screen to highlight the changes. Rebecca suggested a developer workshop should go up to cover these changes at a later date.

TennoGen Round 10 Announcement

TIMESTAMP 22:45 | The next round of TennoGen was announced. You can read more about it here: Official Forum Post.

Progress Report: Glass Frame

TIMESTAMP 25:25 | Updates for the Glass Frame’s model and tintable glass are shown on stream. Additionally, the alternate helmet (not yet shown before this stream) is now the default helmet instead.

A brief overview of the abilities:
Passive – (Tentative) Brightly lit areas give this warframe a chance to cast Radial Blind
#1 – Shank-like shard which impales all enemies in its path. Can be charged to go further and impale enemies for a longer period of time.
#2 – Shatter your glass (from the character model) and create a field of debris around yourself or your target (ally or enemy) which deals damage over time.
#3 – Create a ring of mirrors which enemies attack and reflect damage. When enough damage is dealt and shatters the mirrors the ring implodes and deals damage.
#4 – A wave of molten glass which slows and eventually freezes enemies caught in it. The first ability has some synergy with this and deals directional damage.

Note: Stats and idle animations are currently placeholder.

Progress Report: Mag Deluxe Skin

TIMESTAMP 32:48 | The Mag Deluxe is shown on the stream. This Deluxe set will come with a Syandana and skin for tonfa weapons.

Progress Report: Cetus Colony and Plains of Eidolon

TIMESTAMP 35:39 | Another gameplay session showing the Cetus Colony and Plains of Eidolon content and systems. The tl;dw:

  • Various vendors in the Cetus Colony are shown with placeholder menus and offerings. You can purchase some items with standing, some items with resources, and some items with Eidolon-exclusive resources.
  • The Cetus Syndicate – Earn reputation by completing jobs and dynamic events. There is currently not a daily standing gain limit, but that is subject to change. Used for pretty much everything associated with the day time content in Plains of Eidolon.
    • Cetus Jobs come with rewards in addition to standing.
    • Jobs reset daily.
    • Job rewards are tuned in mind of new players; veteran players should look toward the night gameplay.
  • Prospector – New Arcane Enhancements (and a rework of the Arcane Enhancement system). Requires mining to craft.
  • Mining is done by scanning in a pattern. The scanner will show mineral deposits in the general area and they will only spawn on rock textures.
  • Resources (fishing/mining) can be traded for.
  • Dynamic missions spawn in the Plains and give random rewards upon completion.
    • When rewards are given, your progress is saved and synced to the servers.
  • Archwing – Controls are limited to be aligned with the horizon, but you still have 6 degrees of freedom while sprinting (boosting). You cannot use archwing weapons in the plains of Eidolon.
  • Enemy levels increase the further you get from the gates of Cetus.
  • Eidolons are a class of enemy, not the a specific enemy. On stream the Teracyst is shown.
    • Eidolons require the new operator “warrior mode” and reworked Focus system to damage.
  • The enhanced minimap is very different from standard missions. It will even mark down permanent locations of major discoveries.
  • Grineer continue to spawn at night, though they are much stronger than the day dwellers.
  • The Quills Syndicate – Associated with the Operator and the tools you need to take down the Eidolons. This is where you go to enhance your “warrior mode” for the operator.
    • The vendor is semi-hidden and does not have markers on the minimap. It’s an uncharted cove.
    • The War Within must be completed to participate in this syndicate.
    • Described as “the beginning of combat operator” by Scott. Gameplay preview doesn’t show a gun, but there appears to be an arm weapon-like attachment (confirmed by the developers). You will be able to customize the operator weapons similarly to the customized melee options.

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