Devstream #97 Recap

Devstream #97 aired on August 18, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

  • ?????
  • Q&A


  1. Cast
  2. Progress Report: Deluxe Skins
  3. Misc Q&A
  4. The Future of Landscapes
  5. Progress Report: Glass Frame
  6. Progress Report: Vandal/Wraith Tinting
  7. Upcoming Event Information and Reward Theme
  8. Databasing Issues for Loadouts
  9. Magnetic Damage Updates
  10. The Future of Augment Mods
  11. Progress Report: Nef Anyo Rework
  12. Progress Report: Nemesis System

Devstream #97’s Cast

Sheldon: Studio Manager
Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Steve: Creative Director
Scott: Design Director

Progress Report: Deluxe Skins

TIMESTAMP 6:04 | A sculpting was shown for the upcoming Mag deluxe skin which will be coming soon (before November 2017). A new Nekros deluxe skin was also shown and the developers seem keen to release it near Halloween. In regards to Ember’s deluxe skin, an entirely new concept is now being worked on. The Zephyr deluxe skin is still in limbo.

Misc Q&A

TIMESTAMP 10:04 | Starting with the initial timestamp, the developers are prompted about the possibility of transmuting unwanted Riven Mods into a new one. Ultimately they seem to be against the idea. Scott notably mentions that he would not like the RNG as a part of it. Well, another layer of RNG.

Looting in the Plains of Eidolon is discussed around 12:25 in regards to how rewards are obtained compared to standard missions. The current plan seems to be a mix of live-updating account information when a rare reward is obtained and/or creating checkpoints of a kind to save the loot in.

At 34:25 the developers (soft) confirm that Hydroid Prime Access will begin the same day Oberon Prime Access ends – August 29, 2017.

The Daily Tribute (Login Reward) system comes up around 47:02 in regards to a “catch up” option for newer players to be able to obtain login-exclusive rewards. Steve expresses that he would not want to create a Platinum option to “catch up” because it feels “icky” and Scott elaborates that he does not want to diminish the value for those who invested the time to obtain those items.

The Future of Landscapes

TIMESTAMP 15:39 | Many of the development features being worked on for the Plains of Eidolon is likely going to streamline the production of more Landscapes in the future. In fact, there is already a concept art team working on part of the next Landscape which will likely be Venus location and unveil and entirely new culture. The next Landscape won’t be around for a long time, though.

Around 17:57 Steve shares some information about the scope of collection in the Plains of Eidolon – in addition to the previously shared fishing gameplay, there will also be a mining/prospecting system. The resources gathered from mining will be used in a rework of the Arcane system (19:30). Some classes of Arcanes will be created by players through this system and can be put on new/different items than the current Arcane Enhancements from Trials and will be obtained in different ways as well. The new Arcanes from Eidolon are intended to be used with equipment from there specifically.

Arcanes in Trials will remain in the Trials (was not specified if installation would be updated for Trial Arcanes). Further ease of use plans are in the works for Arcanes in general.

Progress Report: Glass Frame

TIMESTAMP 25:30 | A quick preview of the upcoming Glass Frame is shown at the nighttime Cetus Colony with customized colors. The glass, though uncolored on the stream, will be tint-able upon release. The acquisition of the Glass Frame will be tied to the Plains of Eidolon and the abilities are not yet ready – Scott was not satisfied with the current results so he’s going back to prototyping them.

Progress Report: Vandal/Wraith Tinting

TIMESTAMP 28:20 | Rebecca showcases random colors on a Lato Vandal to confirm that the tinting updates shown at TennoCon 2017 are working in-game for the developer build.

Upcoming Event Information and Reward Theme

TIMESTAMP 28:32 | Though very vaguely described, an upcoming event will feature five new weapon skins (two of which were shown on stream). The skin theme is “proto series” – or more specifically, a throwback to more traditional weaponry as was available in the game Dark Sector. These skins will be tint-able as well.

Databasing Issues for Loadouts

TIMESTAMP 35:52 | Database size is a problem for customization of mods, colors, and loadouts in general. The developers talk a bit about broad strokes of the technical side of things and the steps taken towards compression and the subsequent issues that have crashed it.

Magnetic Damage Updates

TIMESTAMP 39:18 | When prompted about improving Magnetic damage to have the equivalent of an energy drain mechanic against enemies (as enemies have against players), the developers replied with a simple “yes” to change. However, Steve clarified that items like this often enter the docket but then are put to the side for long periods of time as other projects take priority (such as the Plains of Eidolon).

The Future of Augment Mods

TIMESTAMP 41:07 | Augments are still on the table for new frames, but the method in which they added and the role of the Design Council is being reviewed. Rebecca mentions that a thread may go up soon which will ask for suggestions rather than polling for a winner.

Progress Report: Nef Anyo Rework

TIMESTAMP 42:00 | Delayed further due to Eidolon and other priority character design.

Progress Report: Nemesis System

TIMESTAMP 46:11 | Being referred to as “Kingpin” now… and delayed due to Eidolon. Scott elaborates that it came along fairly well, but is at a content bottleneck now. The system works, but they want to flesh it out some more.

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