Devstream #92 Recap

Devstream #92 aired on May 12, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

  • Gameplay preview of Harrow, the upcoming warframe
  • Demos of other unannounced gameplay
  • Q&A


  1. Cast
  2. New Grineer Weapon and Enemy
  3. Operator Customization Expansion
  4. Progress Report: Clan Mission Builder
  5. Prisma Weapon Hiatus
  6. MOA Companion and Universal Vacuum
  7. TennoGen Round 8 and Updates to Cosmetic Coloring Options
  8. Captura Squads
  9. Harrow and Multi-Wielding Gameplay
  10. Hindsight: Riven Mods
  11. Progress Report: Chat Filters
  12. Alert States for Captura

Devstream #92’s Cast

From Left to Right:

Sheldon: Studio Manager
Geoff: Tastemaker (Art Director)
Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Steve: Creative Director
Scott: Design Director

New Grineer Weapon and Enemy

TIMESTAMP 9:30 | The weapon shown is designed for a new enemy and may eventually be available for players as well (hinted to have a grip similar to Archwing weapons). The enemy shown is dubbed the “Nox” and is part of an elite team of Grineer units specializing in chemical warfare. Apparently the gas weapon feeds into his helmet… for some reason… ? No ETA was given as to when to expect this new weapon and enemy.

Operator Customization Expansion

TIMESTAMP 12:28 | The developers toy with the idea of allowing for cosmetic loadout options for the Operator, but with some limitations. The team is mostly fixated on adding new things to the game and are fully tasked out, so this change is not likely to come any time soon.

Progress Report: Clan Mission Builder

TIMESTAMP 14:40 | Confirmed to now be a part of the “Kingpin” (formerly Nemesis, Syndicate Assassination/Salvation) system.

Prisma Weapon Hiatus

TIMESTAMP 15:49 | The large gap of time between releases of Prisma weapons was intentional, but not permanent. More Prisma weapons will come in the future, but the developers are putting an emphasis on introducing them in a novel way rather than being yet another variant of the same weapon. You can check out the TCN Void Trader Log for stats on releases of previous items from Baro Ki’Teer. It had been 637 days between the release of the last two Prisma weapons — nearly two years.

MOA Companion and Universal Vacuum

TIMESTAMP 16:49 | A MOA companion is still on the table, but universal Vacuum is not. Sheldon discusses the idea of improving companions to address the Vacuum debacle in one way or another. There is internal conflict over the subject and Steve reiterates that he wants to retain a sense of uniqueness which a universal Vacuum would not have.

TennoGen Round 8 and Updates to Cosmetic Coloring Options

TIMESTAMP 22:58 | TennoGen Round 8 is coming soon™ along with separate color options for Syandanas and Armor Attachments.

Captura Squads

TIMESTAMP 24:33 | Multiplayer Captura is on the way. The host will be the only one able to control time, but each player in the squad will be able to toggle free camera as they want.

Harrow and Multi-Wielding Gameplay

TIMESTAMP 29:18 | First and foremost, Harrow will be released with a new secondary weapon: a pistol with a scope. The scope will behave similarly to that of a sniper rifle and have zooming bonuses and a combo counter. There have also been updates made to the multi-wielding functionality between select secondary weapons and select melee weapons. Harrow’s abilities are the following:

Passive: Double capacity for Overshields.
#1: Unleashes chains on enemies which binds them in place. Enemies affected by the chains will restore Shields and grant Overshields
#2: Sacrifices all of your shields for a buff for reload and fire rate. You will also heal allies within Affinity range (50m) for a percentage of damage done.
#3: Spawns a spectral thurible which grants you energy for every headshot kill. The longer you hold down 3 to deploy, the more energy it costs and the more energy it restores.
#4: Makes you invulnerable for a period of time. While invulnerable, you charge up a meter to empower your Critical Chance on headshots. The more damage absorbed, the higher the bonus. This ability cannot be recast until the headshot buff ends.

Hindsight: Riven Mods

TIMESTAMP 41:46 | Steve jokingly remarks that they don’t want to dwell on their regrets. Riven Mods were meant to introduce some new lore about the creator of all mods, but it was cut before the release.  The developers go on to discuss how Riven Mods are taxing for their servers and data base, but are pleased with the results of the daily pull for Sortie missions.

Progress Report: Chat Filters

TIMESTAMP 53:01 | A live demonstration of the UI update for chat functionality coming soon. Filter settings will persist upon new gameplay sessions.

Alert States for Captura

TIMESTAMP 58:13 | Geoff wants to look into fiddling with Alert State for Captura (and maybe Simaris) because enemies currently spawn in alerted. More of a “Yup” than a commitment to the task.

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