Devstream #91 Recap

Devstream #91 aired on April 28, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

  • TennoCon news
  • More details on ‘Priest Frame’
  • Q&A


  1. Cast
  2. Upcoming Clan Operation
  3. TennoCon News
  4. Progress Report: Grineer Jungle Bird
  5. Earthly Incentives
  6. Chat Improvements
  7. Progress Report: Fan Weapon
  8. Progress Report: Focus Rework
  9. TennoCon Void Trader
  10. Followup: Oberon Rework
  11. Progress Report: Priest Frame
  12. Progress Report: Ambulas Operation
  13. Progress Report: Syndicate Assassinations
  14. Progress Report: Shield-Gating
  15. New Weapon: (Another) Pump Shotgun
  16. Progress Report: Per-Accessory Colorization

Devstream #91’s Cast

From left to right:

Sheldon: Studio Manager
Geoff: Tastemaker (Art Director)
Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Scott: Design Director

Upcoming Clan Operation

TIMESTAMP 5:02 | This following week there will be a new Clan-based Event (Operation). Be sure to lock in your rosters before the update. Note: Events usually launch somewhere between Wednesday and Friday.

TennoCon News

TIMESTAMP 9:15 | Updates for what’s on the way for TennoCon, including the TennoCon exclusive in-game Syandana, a t-shirt for physical attendees, and what to expect for panels from DE staff and from Warframe Partners from the fan program. More information can be found on the TennoCon news page:

Progress Report: Grineer Jungle Bird

TIMESTAMP 15:08 | A concept model from three years ago is finally modeled and animated! TBD how it will be implemented, but it is not planned to be a companion.

Earthly Incentives

TIMESTAMP 17:56 | A new Event is planned to introduce the Earth remaster. Details on this Event are still TBD, but it will come after the Ambulas Operation (planned for next week).

Chat Improvements

TIMESTAMP 22:35 | Chat filters are being implemented. You will be able to search for terms or exclude terms as desired.

Progress Report: Fan Weapon

TIMESTAMP 24:13 | A new melee weapon type (shown at PAX East which was not recorded) is still under development. Some of the animations are nearly complete and shown on the devstream. Scott also talks about a “Melee 2.5” which is meant to improve melee combat a bit more, especially in regards to heavy strikes and channeling. The Glaive + Secondary shown on Devstream 90 is part of this goal.

Progress Report: Focus Rework

TIMESTAMP 31:40 | Scott vaguely speaks in regards to the Focus rework and reassures players that something is on the way, but they do not want to divulge any information because it’s related to upcoming content. They plan to share more information at TennoCon this year.

TennoCon Void Trader

TIMESTAMP 33:18 | Baro Ki’Teer’s special Relay visit for TennoCon (requires a TennoCon Digital Ticket) will bring all of his previous wares. There will not be any new or exclusive items, but you will be able to purchase anything he has ever had before.

Followup: Oberon Rework

TIMESTAMP 35:10 | The current plan with the Oberon rework is to let the changes sit for a few days before making any more changes to Oberon. Scott is happy with where the rework is right now, but they will continue to monitor the situation. He also reassures players that they were not limited by things like creating the Prime Access trailer in regards to creating this rework.

Progress Report: Priest Frame

TIMESTAMP 40:27 | The new warframe has a name: Harrow. Some of the animations and abilities are not yet ready, but the model was shown off on the stream. At 21:10, they had shown some artwork for what the Operator suit looks like before they become an Operator which will be a part of the release comic for Harrow.

Progress Report: Ambulas Operation

TIMESTAMP 41:58 | The new Event may be coming with a token system to redeem rewards. Rewards include a Badge, Sigil, Noggle, and mods. The Vandal weapon reward will be made available by completing the mission and not require tokens. Scott clarifies that they want to experiment with this token system as a potential way of handling rewards in the future as well.

Progress Report: Syndicate Assassinations

TIMESTAMP 45:40 | Six new unique enemies which will be targets in the upcoming Syndicate Assassination (Nemesis) system were shown. Geoff comments that they’re experimenting with ways of re-using existing assets but creating a more unique feel for enemy design.

Progress Report: Shield-Gating

TIMESTAMP 52:28 | The prototype Scott spoke about on Devstream 86 has been tested and they found a few more things they wanted to adjust. This will still go through some more iteration before it pushes to live. No ETA was provided as to when to expect this feature to arrive.

New Weapon: (Another) Pump Shotgun

TIMESTAMP 54:20 | Not much was said about it, but a new pump shotgun model was shown. It appears to be Corpus-themed, but that is speculation at this point.

Progress Report: Per-Accessory Colorization

TIMESTAMP 58:35 | As it turns out, a task had not yet been created to work on this until today. It also seems that it’s been reduced to separate color options for armor and Syandanas rather than each piece having color customization.

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