Devstream #89 Recap

Devstream #89 aired today on March 3, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

  • Q&A
  • A variety of current development projects
  • New alternate helmets
  • The upcoming Clan Kingpin / Enemy Sells / Nemesis System content


  1. Cast
  2. Defector Rescue Adjustments
  3. Progress Report: Multiple Tasks
  4. Melee Range Stats
  5. Melee Gameplay Improvements
  6. Equinox Alternate Helmet
  7. Progress Report: Clan Affinity System
  8. Developer Insights: The Road to Knowledge
  9. TennoGen and Lore
  10. Progress Report: Earth Remaster
  11. Feral Kavat Cosmetic Skin
  12. PhysX Difficulties
  13. Upcoming Foundry Improvements
  14. Making of Bard Frame’s Audio
  15. Progress Report: Photo Booth
  16. General Q&A

Devstream #89’s Cast

From left to right:

Geoff: Tastemaker (Art Director)
Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Scott: Design Director
Steve: Creative Director

Defector Rescue Adjustments

TIMESTAMP 9:00 | Steve openly states that they missed the mark on setting active participation requirements to acquire the Ignis Wraith. The new scoring requirements are in mind of solo players running 1-man Ghost Clans and the third mission will have its drop tables adjusted to drop resources found in the Orokin Derelicts. Console players will be receiving the revised version of this event.

Note: These changes are live as of the Hotfix patch.

Progress Report: Multiple Tasks

TIMESTAMP 13:12 | The Arcata, Corpus Speargun, Limbo Rework, Tenno Shotgun, Bard Warframe, and Chroma Deluxe tasks are still on the way, but not all of these are ready to deploy. At 16:48 Geoff confirms the Helminth Charger remodel is about two weeks away.

Melee Range Stats

TIMESTAMP 18:20 | Melee range stats are a tricky subject to cover because the range varies based on each swing. The developers offer some insight as to why this stat has not been put on display quite yet, though Scott suggests they may show the base range. This is on Pablo’s list of upcoming QoL changes for the UI.

Melee Gameplay Improvements

TIMESTAMP 19:34 | The developers talk a bit about the expectation of what melee 2.0 would be like versus the reality of what it has become in gameplay and why they think it’s worth updating. One of the ways Steve is hoping to address this is by introducing new melee-oriented enemy units. For combos in particular, they hope to address the investment versus payoff concern with executing intricate combos. Geoff also mentions that they want to create a new machete class stance.

Equinox Alternate Helmet

TIMESTAMP 22:10 | A new Equinox Alternate helmet is on the way.

Progress Report: Clan Affinity System

TIMESTAMP 23:48 | A brief preview of what to expect with the upcoming Clan Affinity System. Some of the perks include combat bonuses like increasing revive speeds of fallen Clan members in your mission, though there are other general perks in mind such as improving crafting times. The Clan Affinity System is being made to create incentives to stay in and work with your Clan to progress toward rewards.

Developer Insights: The Road to Knowledge

TIMESTAMP 27:20 | The developers talk a bit about the currently ongoing GDC Talk convention and what they’ve learned from their peers in the industry and how that has influenced development of Warframe. One of Scott’s interests is the idea of balancing with an ever-growing roster of content and the challenge it poses.

TennoGen and Lore

TIMESTAMP 32:30 | Geoff confirms that TennoGen content does not have an explanation in regards to the lore of the game, though Steve mentions that one of the major initiatives for this year is to bring more culture to Warframe. It’s possible that further updates this year will offer room to explain the existence of these custom cosmetics.

In regards to the plot holes in the game, Steve openly admits that a big part of it is that they did not originally expect Warframe to last as long as it did. Additionally, they recently hired on a new full-time writer to the team to help create a more uniform story for the game.

Progress Report: Earth Remaster

TIMESTAMP 35:23 | The lighting, texturing, materials, foliage, audio… everything on the Earth Forest tile sets is being updated and a live demo was shown for the current progress. The rework is being done in mind of those with older hardware and additionally they have fixed existing performance issues with these tiles. For contrast, Rebecca played through some sections which have not yet been completely remastered.

Feral Kavat Cosmetic Skin

TIMESTAMP 41:36 | Geoff acknowledges this could be done.

PhysX Difficulties

TIMESTAMP 41:57 | The developers talk about why PhysX isn’t being used as often as it once was. Ultimately there were issues with compatibility and with the driver revisions causing memory leaks quite often. In fact, it happened again this past week.

Upcoming Foundry Improvements

TIMESTAMP 43:47 | Soon players will be able to cancel crafting tasks in the Foundry and receive a full refund of the resources invested in crafting an item (with the exception of Argon).

Making of Bard Frame’s Audio

TIMESTAMP 47:58 | Digital Extremes made a donation to a local art school where they recorded the audio used for the Bard Frame as well as the Banshee Prime cinematic trailer.

Progress Report: Photo Booth

TIMESTAMP 49:52 | An update to the UI and options for the upcoming Photo Booth mode. There are substantial updates to camera controls and lighting settings. Rebecca also sneaks in a bit of a preview of the Bard Frame’s abilities once again and a change to its “Pied Piper” ability which now summons a Grineer Roller as a disco ball of sorts. They also showed off the upcoming Bard Frame alternate helmet.

General Q&A

TIMESTAMP 55:50 | A quickfire list of questions and answers:

  • There are not plans for multi-Forma crafting.
  • The developers might revisit audio for silenced weapons.
  • Archwing is still on the list to revisit.
  • Wraiths and Vandals were originally not able to be recolored due to technical concerns and were used as a status symbol, though they may revisit that idea now.

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