Devstream #85 Recap

Devstream #85 aired today on January 6, 2017. This post will feature a recap of the Warframe Devstream with screencaps and timestamps for players to check out the specific clips themselves after the Devstream. In the mean time, check out the recorded stream on the PlayWarframe YouTube Channel.

Expected topics:

  • Q&A
  • New content
  • Plans for 2017 and a review of 2016
  • A mysterious and big community announcement for 2017!


  1. Cast
  2. Console News and HDR
  3. Community Announcement: Tennobaum Recap
  4. The Second Stream and Steve Streams
  5. 2017 in Warframe
  6. Progress Report: Valkyr Prime Cinematic
  7. The Nidus Virus: Cysts and Helminths
  8. Helminth Charger Concept Art
  9. The Hema Situation
  10. Kuva Fortress Ghost Town
  11. Progress Report: Earth Remastered
  12. Progress Report: Bard Frame
  13. Progress Report: Nef Anyo
  14. Community Announcement: TennoCon 2017
  15. Cyst Removal Technology
  16. Frost Deluxe Skin
  17. Progress Report: Sentient Arm Cannon
  18. Nullifier Weakpoints
  19. Progress Report: Limbo Rework
  20. 4K Display Support
  21. Progress Report: Umbra
  22. Progress Report: Zephyr Deluxe Skin
  23. Text Rendering Techniques
  24. New Decorations
  25. Progress Report: Networking Fixes (Squad Full)
  26. Progress Report: Damage 3.0
  27. Progress Report: Focus Rework
  28. Reward Table Changes

Devstream #85’s Cast

From left to right:

Geoff: Animation Director
Rebecca: Live Ops & Community Producer
Scott: Design Director
Steve: Creative Director

Sheldon was not present for the stream, but his avatar was!

Console News and HDR

TIMESTAMP 5:50 | The Glast Gambit should arrive in January. Steve also talks a bit about HDR support coming for XB1 and the PS4 (baseline and Pro version). Apparently the textures had hidden details some of the devs didn’t know about and had the joy of discovering while working on HDR! Console players will most likely receive HDR before PC players.

Community Announcement: Tennobaum Recap

TIMESTAMP 7:41 | Over 300,000 gifts were given and Digital Extremes donated $50,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of London.

The Second Stream and Steve Streams

TIMESTAMP 9:02 | Steve will be joining the crew for a recording of the official The Second Stream Podcast this week. Steve is also streaming every Sunday at His stream will be from the perspective of a new player and go over technical aspects of Warframe as well. Though his first stream was not archived, it did include screens of the game’s code shown as Steve discussed the game. One of Steve’s goals with the stream is to experience the game as a whole rather than as pieces he usually sees them in during development.

2017 in Warframe

TIMESTAMP 10:18 | 2017 will be the year of… Many things! “Our reach always exceeds our grasp.” -Steve. Umbra, Dark Sectors, Clan events, Damage 3.0.

Progress Report: Valkyr Prime Cinematic

TIMESTAMP 13:06 | Geoff is hoping to get the cinematic done by the end of this month. The delay is attributed to the deadline-heavy The War Within update.

The Nidus Virus: Cysts and Helminths

TIMESTAMP 14:00 | Steve describes the Cyst and the Helminth Charger as gameplay features they wanted to get to players right away, but acknowledges that the initial release of this new content came a bit rushed. The goal for the Nidus update was to introduce part of an upcoming system (mentioned in earlier Devstreams as being the upcoming Syndicate Assassination/Salvation system) which would introduce something of a “brotherhood of Nidus” to expand upon the Infested thematic element. Part of the compromise to release the Cyst and Helminth Charger was to reuse art and not having the system fully fleshed out (i.e. not having a way to permanently cure the Cyst).

Helminth Charger Concept Art

TIMESTAMP 16:12 | Some rough ideas of what DE plans to do with the Helminth Charger with a similar appearance to Nidus. It’s possible but not necessarily likely that the new models will be ready for the console update for The Glast Gambit update on consoles. The new model will still use the Kubrow skeleton.

The Hema Situation

TIMESTAMP 18:21 | Steve mentioned on his previous stream, and Taylor issued a statement on the forums, that the Hema research costs will not be adjusted. Steve acknowledges that the inflation on resource costs was “too much of a jump” though he confirms that the costs will remain as is. Going forward he says they will try to find a better balance of assigning costs. Rebecca talks a bit about the free path of acquisition contrasted against buying the weapon for immediate access as well.

Steve also mentions that they’re not “slamming the door” on the discussion of improving acquisition rates for Mutagen Samples in the future. Rebecca adds the final note that they will “not go that extreme again in the future which is the important thing.”

Kuva Fortress Ghost Town

TIMESTAMP 21:48 | The developer team is having an internal discussing what they could add to the Kuva Fortress to draw in players there. Scott is determined to add something that would draw in players, but Rebecca mentions something about not adding unique rewards to the caches in the Exterminate mission (note: Caches were initially on the Assault mission but changed to Exterminate in a later update). Around 43:10 Steve talks about a new character with lore related drops which could make sense to be added to the Kuva Fortress loosely inspired by Cephalon Fragments.

Progress Report: Earth Remastered

TIMESTAMP 24:20 | The next project for the art team is to bring about the remastered version of Earth’s tile sets. The screenshots shown below are still early on in development, but show a before/after preview of what is coming. The improvements include new foliage meshes, volumetric lighting, and show the “regrowth” of the Earth. The remaster is also looking to address performance issues with the current tiles. Steve mentions that the frame rate seems to not be affected by these changes.

Fun fact: Nidus’ Ravenous uses the same rendering technique as the remastered Earth tiles. The tech is already live!

Progress Report: Bard Frame

TIMESTAMP 27:44 | The Bard Frame now has a new default color scheme and the animations are currently being worked on. Geoff describes the shown animation as being able to sync to the BPM (Beats Per Minute) of the musical step sequencer players can make their own songs with. Rebecca poses the question of what happens if non-Bard frames purchase the animation set and Geoff says it would use a default beat rather than adopting that of another Bard in the squad.

Continued at 36:35, Rebecca shows off the new color scheme and Scott talks a bit about her upcoming abilities. Scott says he “basically threw a lot of her in the garbage because of the step sequencer” and wanting to make sure that was part of her kit. He describes her new kit as being Vauban-like with a variety of deployable skills. Steve expresses a small amount of concerns over having players coordinate their music, but maintains Scott optimism of interactivity with other players.

Progress Report: Nef Anyo

TIMESTAMP 30:30 | Nef Anyo is still in progress but “it’s not super soon” -Scott. The Ambulas rework is coming next, then a couple of Corpus bosses (presumably including Nef Anyo and/or The Sergeant), and then the team will move on and work on Phorid (Infested Invasion Assassination boss).

Community Announcement: TennoCon 2017

TIMESTAMP 31:34 | TennoCon 2017 will be on July 8th. Tickets and hotel information will come soon. No other announcements at this time; this is a courtesy notification so that players can plan their schedules. News and information is available on DE’s website:

Cyst Removal Technology

TIMESTAMP 33:34 | In an update coming soon™ (possibly next week), PC players will be able to permanently remove a fully grown Cyst by entering the Infested wing of their Orbiter with the afflicted warframe and sitting in the chair. This is still in development. Around 59:12 Scott confirms that there will be a way to reinfect yourself after removing the Cyst as part of the bigger system (Syndicate Assassination/Salvation) still on the way.

Frost Deluxe Skin

TIMESTAMP 35:03 | The Frost deluxe skin is almost ready to ship! A sword is on the way for Frost’s deluxe skin as well. Around 48:08 they announce they plan to have it ready by next week.

Progress Report: Sentient Arm Cannon

TIMESTAMP 38:32 | The new weapon is still under development. The animation shown on the stream appears to be the default idle being used for unarmed frames. It will be a new class of weapon and still use ammo, but is focused around skill for modulating its damage.

Nullifier Weakpoints

TIMESTAMP 40:45 | Nullifiers are going to be given a weakpoint of sorts (shown below in concept art) as part of an internal test to see what can be done to improve the gameplay for low fire rate weapons that put an emphasis on precision such as bows or sniper rifles. Steve talks about how this is a part of a large discussion he has been having with Scott in regards to high level combat. Armor scaling, one-hit kills, and what the element of skill enemies can bring to the table rather than just statistical increases.

Progress Report: Limbo Rework

TIMESTAMP 42:42 | Scott hopes to have a demo available soon (hopefully on the next Devstream). The rework is still in progress.

4K Display Support

TIMESTAMP 43:58 | Steve shares that they just bought 4K monitors for the UI team and plan to address the issues players have been experiencing with UI scaling soon. Improvements to textures for larger resolutions are also planned. Around 47:09  Steve acknowledges that DX12 support is planned, but will come after HDR support, UI rendering. Vulkan is also being considered for use.

Progress Report: Umbra

TIMESTAMP 46:24 | Steve and Geoff have been talking about Umbra and it is on the agenda for this year. Steve talks a bit more about it at 48:03, but the message is simple: we have to wait for more information.

Progress Report: Zephyr Deluxe Skin

TIMESTAMP 47:40 | There is still not an ETA for this skin but it is being worked on.

Text Rendering Techniques

TIMESTAMP 49:24 | Steve is currently working on this with distance field fonts intended for 4K and low res displays.

New Decorations

TIMESTAMP 49:43 | New decorations are on the way for the Orbiter, but Steve wants to see what he can do for the Dojo as well.

Progress Report: Networking Fixes (Squad Full)

TIMESTAMP 50:35 | A potential fix has been implemented and issues with “Network Not Responding” are being addressed. DE has changed their DNS and some other server infrastructure to make the game more reliable, but there might be a bit of configuration fallout for particular regions. Please be sure to submit a support ticket with an EE.log to help track the issue for a solution.

Progress Report: Damage 3.0

TIMESTAMP 51:24 | Scott acknowledges that early mentions of Damage 3.0 were focused on addressing “mandatory mods” but the vision has shifted. They plan to have a more holistic look at it in mind of Riven Mods and other changes to the game. They are not planning to remove mods like Serration. Steve expands on this by making a note that they want to respect the time players spend to become more powerful by investing in Mods. Steve also mentions that idea of exploring enemy design to introduce new tiers of enemies and new ways of fighting them.

Scott says “The game shines best with the few against many” and they want to keep that aspect. The developers want to set more skill-based challenges in high level gameplay. Around 55:25 Steve resumes the topic and draws parallels to the God of War franchise and what he liked about the flow of combat in those games. The AI of “minion” (weaker/common) enemies likely won’t be adjusted, but there will be an emphasis put on elite or sub-boss enemy designs. At 57:09, Rebecca sneaks in a comment about the Acolytes (Shadow Stalker’s disciples) fulfilling this niche and how it would be interesting to see them come back. Hint, hint.

Progress Report: Focus Rework

TIMESTAMP 54:45 | Scott mentions that addressing the new Operator Transference system and Focus (or possibly just Focus) are a big ticket item for early this year. The Operator gameplay will be something that evolves over time rather than one big change.

Reward Table Changes

TIMESTAMP 1:00:08 | Steve shares that he thinks DE will make further adjustments to Sortie reward tables in the near future and encourages players to submit feedback regarding reward systems in general.

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