DevPost Roundup: September 23, 2017

A weekly round-up of the more noteworthy DevPosts on the Official Forums. This week’s roundup features the recap of Prime Time #182, a new Developer Workshop, a new community contest, an update for console platforms, as well as some changes and bug fixes.

All information from this post is sourced from the official DevPost Tracker on the forums (and occasionally the dev team’s twitter accounts). TCN Glyph Promo Codes available at the bottom of this post.


[DE]Megan – “Thanks For Watching Prime Time #182!
A recap of the livestream.

[DE]Megan – “New Contest: Arrival on Eidolon!” (2)
A new contest is now underway. Submissions must be entered before October 5 and photoshop is not allowed.

Design Council News

Nothing new to share this week.

Upcoming Features and Changes

[DE]Rebecca – “Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!” (2)
Announcement of upcoming damage falloff ranges. The long and short of it: all weapons drop off after 300 except snipers which drop off at 600. Apparently more sniper changes are expected as well.

[DE]Taylor – “The Remote Observer: Vol 14
The news scoop of the week with a few upcoming features: easier Ayatan Star slotting, new Interception tiles for Grineer Ship Yard and Corpus Outpost, and 4 additional gear wheel slots. You can read it here: Official Blog.


[DE]Dmitri – “Sealab tileset Crashes my hardware
Dmitri investigates crash reports and offers some troubleshooting steps.

[DE]Aidan – “In-game Chat Suspension
DE is investigating issues with the chat bot’s kicking parameters. They have requested EE.log files to be provided in support tickets to help identify issues.

Updates and Hotfixes

No updates or hotfixes this week.

Feedback Megathreads

Nothing new to share this week.

Forum and Meta News

[DE]Danielle – “Login reward day 650 glyph not working on forum ?” (2) (3) (4)
A couple of threads regarding the 650 day login reward not properly displaying on the forums. Resolved by the time of this post. If it’s still not showing for you, try clearing your browser cache.

[DE]Taylor – “Devstream #98 Overview
Taylor answers some questions regarding the upcoming Twitch Drops for Plains of Eidolon. FAQ available here: Official Blog.

[DE]Danielle – “Platform Specific Feedback Subforums merged!
Several subforums have now been merged together.

[DE]Danielle – “New “Riven Mod” tag!
The official trading forums now have a Riven Mod tag for posts.

Console News


[DE]Megan – “Hydroid Prime Update 21.7.0: Status” (XB1) (PS4)
Announcement that Update 21.7.0 would be deployed on Monday. The update is currently live on consoles.

[DE]Danielle – “PS4 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 + Hotfixes” (2) (3) (4)
Danielle responds to inquiries about TennoGen for consoles.

Updates and Hotfixes

[DE]Megan – “XB1 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0

[DE]Danielle – “PS4 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 + Hotfixes

Warframe Nexus News

Nothing new to share this week.


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