DevPost Roundup: December 9, 2017

A weekly round-up of the more noteworthy DevPosts on the Official Forums. This week’s roundup features an extension of Operation: Plague Star on consoles, a huge helping of bug fixes, some developer workshops, celebrating a nomination at the 2017 Game Awards, and a new holiday contest.

All information from this post is sourced from the official DevPost Tracker on the forums (and occasionally the dev team’s twitter accounts). TCN Glyph Promo Codes available at the bottom of this post.


[DE]Helen – “Thanks For Watching Prime Time #190!
A recap of the livestream.

[DE]Danielle – “Celebrate Warframe at the Game Awards!” (2) (3) (4)
Announcement for the 2017 Game Awards show. Warframe was nominated for the category of “Best Ongoing Game” and the developers have partnered with Twitch to promote. A seasonal syandana makes its return as a Twitch Drop, a new PC Prominence Bundle was released, and Warframe emotes through Twitch Crates. The award showed aired by the time of this post; Digital Extremes did not win under this category.

[DE]Drew – “That moment when 50-152 damage is considered “crazy”
Some clarification on why the Volt changes were not implemented as per the patch notes.

[DE]Helen – “New Contest: Carol of the Tenno
A new contest is underway. Prizes include Mirage Prime Access and Platinum. Submission deadline is December 22.

Calendar Events

Calendar overview can be viewed here:

[DE]Danielle – “[Last Day] ‘For Fans By Fans’ Contest
Friday 15 December 2017.

Design Council News

Nothing new to share this week.

Upcoming Features and Changes

[DE]Aidan – “PSA: [PC] Upcoming Changes to Gara’s “Mass Vitrify” (Bonus Volt Info)” (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
Announcement regarding upcoming changes to Gara and Volt. Changes to Gara are live by the time of this post.

[DE]Danielle – “Mirage Prime Access Begins December 12!
Mirage Prime Access begins December 12.

[DE]Connor – “Dev Workshop: The Features of Focus 2.5” (2) (3)
Details regarding the upcoming Focus 2.5 changes are shared in this workshop. The third link features some updates to the original post. Live by the time of this post.

[DE]Danielle – “Last Chance for Saryn Prime!
Saryn Prime enters the Prime Vault on December 12.


[DE]Dmitri – “Cetus gate to plains causing crashes
Dmitri is investigating reports regarding crashing between the Plains of Eidolon and Cetus.

[DE]Dmitri – “Supra Vandal + fire rate mods = burnt pc
The developers are looking into performance improvements for the Supra.

[DE]Dmitri – “Game freezing for a half second every 2-3 seconds
Dmitri is looking into performance issue reports and offers some troubleshooting options.

[DE]Saske – “Splinter Storm will stop dealing damage while invisible
The developers are investigating issues with Splinter Storm not dealing damage while the player is invisible.

[DE]Saske – “Crash + Extreme Ram Usage from Plague Star Trophies
The fix for the excessive Plague Star gold trophy displays has been implemented!

[DE]Saske – “Ammo Case no longer has a polarity
A fix is on the way for Ammo Case having lost its modding polarity.

[DE]Saske – “Change loadout button doesn’t work in navigation
A fix is on the way for the Navigation UI.

[DE]Saske – “You Can No Longer Roll in Prowl (Ivara)” (2)
Another Prowl-related bug is being investigated.

[DE]Saske – “Wrong Teleport Volume Hydron (Sedna)
A fix has been found for a part of the Grineer Galleon defense tile teleporting players as if they were out of bounds.

[DE]Saske – “TRINITY – EV not castable against Linked enemies” (2)
The developers are investigating issues with casting Energy Vampire. A potential fix has been found.

[DE]Dmitri – “Game Freeze / Performance Issue
Some troubleshooting steps for more performance issue reports.

[DE]Saske – “Mastery Rank 6 Test Issue
The developers are investigating issues with the Mastery Rank 6 test.

[DE]Whirrrrr – “Rosalind Spy mission bugged
A fix is on the way for the Grineer Underwater Sea Lab Spy Vaults.

[DE]Saske – “Corrosive status effect not applying
A fix is on the way for Corrosive status effects not applying.

[DE]Whirrrrr – “War Within [Naga (Sedna)]
An issue has been identified with mission types which include a defense objective side mission such as Sabotage.

[DE]Saske – “Certain Mods do not apply to dual wieldLATEST UPDATE
The developers are investigating issues with dual wield (Glaive + Secondary) weapon combinations not benefiting from certain mods.

Updates and Hotfixes

[DE]Danielle – “Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.6.0 + Hotfix” (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
All except the fifth link (which is the hotfix) are in regards to troubleshooting update errors.

[DE]Danielle – “Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.6.1

Feedback Megathreads

All feedback for the Plains of Eidolon update should be directed here: Official Forums – PoE Subsection.

Forum and Meta News

[DE]Taylor – “The Remote Observer – Vol 19
A new edition of The Remote Observer is now available. You can view it here:  Official Blog.

Console News


[DE]Danielle – “XB1/PS4: Post U22.3.5 Crashes” (PS4) (XB1)
Announcement regarding the crashes plaguing the console builds with the Plague Star update. A hotfix was implemented to alleviate some of the problems.

[DE]Danielle – “PS4: Maintenance December 7th @ 9 a.m. ET” (PS4)
Announcement regarding maintenance updates on the PS4.

[DE]Danielle – “Xbox One & PS4 Plains Crash Progress + Extending “Operation: Plague Star” on Console” (PS4) (XB1) (2)
Due to issues with crashing, the Plague Star event is being extended on consoles. A fix (and massive performance improvements) have been found and will be implemented soon.

[DE]Danielle – “The Game Awards Platinum Sale” (PS4) (XB1)
Both console platforms are receiving Platinum sales to celebrate the Game Awards show.

Updates and Hotfixes

[DE]Danielle – “PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.3.5 (+ Hotfixes)” (PS4)
Dec. 5, Hotfix #2.

[DE]Danielle – “XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.3.5 (+ Hotfixes)” (XB1)
Dec. 5, Hotfix #2.

Warframe Nexus News

Nothing new to share this week.


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