DevPost Roundup: April 8, 2017

A weekly round-up of the more noteworthy DevPosts on the Official Forums. This week’s roundup features the recap of Prime Time #159, launch of the new partnership, investigating serer issues with Riven dupes, updates for the PhysX dilemma, as well as some changes and bug fixes.

All information from this post is sourced from the official DevPost Tracker on the forums (and occasionally the dev team’s twitter accounts).


[DE]Megan – “Thanks For Watching Prime Time #159!
A recap of the livestream.

[DE]Danielle – “TennoCon Digital Pack Pre-Orders: Live Now!
Digital Tickets for TennoCon can now be pre-ordered.

[DE]Megan – “PC: Support Warframe Streamers with Exclusive Twitch Bundle” (2)
The partnership between Digital Extremes and has now gone live with promotional skins for Excalibur and the Ankyros, Platinum, and a color picker exclusive to players who link their accounts and purchase this pack. There are also Mod/Platinum bundles available for purchase through Aidan clarifies that you can also buy this pack from the official Warframe stream at

[DE]Taylor – “Server Maintenance Complete!” (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Some server maintenance was performed earlier in the week to resolve several issues.

[DE]Glen – “new physX version included in latest nvidia driver” (2) (3) (4) (5)
Glen expresses skepticism at claims of a PhysX fix. For now, PhysX will still be automatically disabled unless manually rolling back your drivers to a version which worked. However, Jengerer expresses that the new drivers recently released by NVIDIA are not suffering from the issues which led to disabling PhysX.

Design Council News

[DE]Danielle – ““Council Challenge”: Design Council Created Devstream Alerts” (2) (3)
A new suggestion thread is nos available in the Design Council forums. This will not be replacing Gift of the Lotus Alerts.

Upcoming Features and Changes

[DE]Jengerer – “Performance and the Future of PhysX Effects” (2) (3)
A statement regarding the current state of affairs with PhysX and what to expect going forward. For now and until the issue is resolved on NVIDIA’s end, drivers newer than version 373.06 will have PhysX disabled in Warframe. There is no ETA on a solution and it seems NVIDIA is shifting focus onto newer technologies and ending support of PhysX. Jengerer also explains why Flex is not being used as a replacement for the current PhysX effects. Going forward, they want to look into cross-platform/vendor options.


[DE]Dmitri – “Performance Issues on PS4 (Lag)” (PS4)
Dmitri investigates reports of lag on the PS4.

[DE]Danielle – “Unable to login
DE resolved some server issues on April 3rd.

[DE]Dmitri – “Huge memory leak
An update for the designated megathread regarding the PhysX memory leaks which points to [DE]Jengerer’s Developer Workshop post.

[DE]Megan – “Twitch skin for Excalibur is Missing Helmet skin
The exclusive skin was not including the helmet when released. The issue has since been resolved.

[DE]Megan – “Connection lost, returning to the main menu constantly.” (XB1)
Login issues were quickly resolved earlier this week for the XB1 platform.

[DE]Saske – “Clan contribute = lost recourses
Saske advises a player to contact support regarding their resources being set to 0 after attempting to contribute an excess to research.

[DE]Dmitri – “after a high run (2-4h) mission pc is laggn and my fps is dropping from 140+ to 50-60
Dmitri advises a player to perform some stress tests to help identify the root of some performance issues in a longer mission.

[DE]Saske – “UI freeze when trying to change back attachment
A user submitted a way to repro a reported issue and a fix is on the way.

[DE]Saske – “Spy Sortie UI lockup after host migration
The issue with the UI locking on host migration is reported to have a fix ready to implement.

[DE]Danielle – “All my rivens doubled
A bug was found with Rivens multiplying in player inventories seemingly at random.

[DE]Danielle – “[06/04/17] PC: Multiple Issues” (2) (3) (4) (5)
Several issues, including the aforementioned Riven multiplication, were discovered on the PC platform and resolved earlier this week. A script was run to resolve issues with inventory. In a separate thread, Danielle recommends that users experiencing non-duplicate Riven Mods being removed should log out and back in to refresh their inventory lists. The details of the script are provided in link #5.

[DE]Saske – “Limbo’s Cataclysm VFX will stay behind for clients.
Saske investigates user reports regarding Cataclysm effects.

[DE]Saske – “Pavlov Lua Spy mission incompletabl
A fix has been found for a progression-stopping bug in Lua Spy missions.

[DE]Glen – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.1.1” (2) (3) (4)
Glen remains skeptical of user reports of crashes in light of the hotfix. Shortly afterward, Jengerer interjects and engages the players and asks for more details about the crash. Finally, Glen accepts that the WAR crash reporter may have failed to launch and recommends the users experiencing this issue submit their ee.log files to support.

[DE]Saske – “Moving Backwards During Melee???
Saske is investigating claims about melee attack movement becoming warped after being staggered.

Updates and Hotfixes

[DE]Megan – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.9

[DE]Drew – “Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.1.0

[DE]Danielle – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.1.1

Feedback Megathreads

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Octavia’s Anthem Quest Megathread
For feedback regarding the new quest.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Octavia Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the new warframe.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Limbo Revisited Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the Limbo ability rework.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Tenora and Pandero Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the new primary and secondary weapons.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Bug Report Megathread
For bug reports regarding Update 20 in general.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] General Feedback Megathread
For general feedback regarding Update 20.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Weapon Balance Pass Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the weapon balance passes made in Update 20.

Forum and Meta News

[DE]Danielle – “How can i delete my warframe account ?
Danielle redirects a player inquiring about how to delete account to the zendesk support team.

[DE]Megan – “Tank Mirage – Eclipse Fix / Augment!
Megan clarifies that Mirage was changed in a recent hotfix which benefits Eclipse and Prism by detecting light sources more often.

[DE]Drew – “Guest Blog: How The Tenno Affected the Origin System (Part 1)
A new guest blog is up on the official Warframe blog, written by Xenogelion. You can view the post here: Official Blog.

Console News


Nothing new to share this week.

Updates and Hotfixes

Nothing new to share this week.

Warframe Nexus News

Nothing new to share this week.

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