DevPost Roundup: April 1, 2017

A weekly round-up of the more noteworthy DevPosts on the Official Forums. This week’s roundup features the recap of Prime Time #157, The Remote Observer patch recap, a new Design Council poll, as well as some changes and bug fixes.

All information from this post is sourced from the official DevPost Tracker on the forums (and occasionally the dev team’s twitter accounts).


[DE]Megan – “Thanks For Watching Prime Time #158!
A recap of the livestream.

[DE]Aidan – “Celebrate Warframe’s 4th Anniversary: Tactical Alerts and a new Dex Syandana” (2) (3) (4) (5)
The Dex Syandana was made available starting on Tuesday the 28th after the daily reset. The additional links clarify how to acquire the Dex Syandana and how to acquire the Dex weapons you missed this year. Side note: Aidan is very excited to celebrate his first year anniversary with DE.

[DE]Rebecca – “Devstream #90: Thursday Special on April 13.
The next Devstream will finally happen on Thursday, April 13. After this particular stream, the Devstreams will return to their normal time slot on Friday. The last Devstream was on March 3rd.

[DE]Danielle – “TennoCon Digital Pack Pre-Orders: Live Now!
Digital Packs for TennoCon are now available for pre-order. You can read more about what is offered in the ticket here:

[DE]Taylor – “The Remote Observer: Vol 1” (2) (3)
TL;DR: The official TL;DR for patch notes. The purpose of The Remote Observer is to provide a condensed version of patch notes in the form of major highlights. You can read Volume 1 here: The Remote Observer: Vol 1. Taylor is also requesting that if players notice any undocumented changes, they should post them in this thread. Future entries will likely be in the “Meta” section of the roundup.

[DE]Taylor – “Introducing: The Limited Edition Collector’s Moonlight Threschone
A new collector’s item is available on the official Warframe store: Released on April 1, 2017.

Design Council News

[DE]Megan – “The Best Defense – Melee Creation Voting!” (2)
One of DE’s Senior Artists, Lucas Hug, picked 16 submissions to vote on from over a thousand submissions. Voting ends on April 7th. The submission with the highest votes will be added to the game first and there are plans to also add the second and third place winners “when the time is right” later down the road.

Upcoming Features and Changes

[DE]Pablo – “4K UI Support
Pablo was hoping to have some updates to the recent changes in Update 20 for 4K support this past week, but was unable to complete them in time.

[DE]Rebecca – “Making the Void a Bit more relevant (again)
Rebecca clarifies how DE has hoped to make the Void a bit more relevant and plans to increase the Void Trace reward from Alert missions from 10 to 20. These changes are live as of the time of this post.

[DE]Danielle – “4K UI Support: Part 2
In light of the recent changes to the UI, DE is now working on a “Menu Scaling Slider” in the HUD settings. No ETA was provided on when to expect these changes.


[DE]maciejs – “Dedicated Conclave Servers” (2) (3)
A continued dialog about some of the more technical aspects of the player-hosted dedicated servers.

[DE]Rebecca – “No Drops from Survivals as of Update 20.0.4
Survival missions were no longer rewarding players after the first Rotation A (5 minutes). This issue has been resolved as of the time of this post.

[DE]Caio – “Mastery Rank 19 Test, auto-fail and melee bug
Caio reports that DE has found a solution for this bug which is now being tested.

[DE]Dmitri – “Insane Frame drop with latest Octavia Hotfix 3/29/17
Dmitri investigates claims of frame rate loss following Hotfix 20.0.6.

[DE]Danielle – “Octavia’s Neuroptics Drop
An issue has been resolved where Octavia’s Neuroptics were not being properly rewarded upon receiving it as a Rotation C reward in Orokin Derelict Survival.

Updates and Hotfixes

[DE]Glen – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.3

[DE]Megan – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.4

[DE]Megan – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.5

[DE]Danielle – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6

[DE]Megan – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.7

[DE]Megan – “Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.8

Feedback Megathreads

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Octavia’s Anthem Quest Megathread
For feedback regarding the new quest.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Octavia Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the new warframe.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Limbo Revisited Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the Limbo ability rework.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Tenora and Pandero Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the new primary and secondary weapons.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Bug Report Megathread” (2)
For bug reports regarding Update 20 in general.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] General Feedback Megathread” (2)
For general feedback regarding Update 20.

[DE]Danielle – “[Update 20] Weapon Balance Pass Feedback Megathread
For feedback regarding the weapon balance passes made in Update 20.

Forum and Meta News

[DE]Rebecca – “Titania Augment Mods are missing!
A lighthearted note that Titania will eventually receive augments. There are several augments which have been expected for nearly a year now after the Design Council voted on suggestions for Chroma, Excalibur, Saryn, Vauban, Volt, and Zephyr. There are also augments expected for Ivara, Wukong, and Nezha as well as the newer warframes since their release.

[DE]Taylor – “Steam Workshop Questions, Answers, & Bug Reports
DE hopes to add Octavia to the TennoGen tool soon.

[DE]Syncrasis – “Basic Art Guide” (2)
Syncrasis has updated the original post with some new pointers for uploading. Also, further clarification on the gilding of non-prime frames.

Console News


[DE]Megan – “PS4/XB1 Operation: The Pacifism Defect” (PS4) (XB1)
The Event has concluded and participants have received their rewards.

[DE]Drew – “PS4 & XBox One: Quick Steel Conclave Event is Live Now!” (PS4) (XB1)
The Conclave-based Quick Steel Event is now active until April 3.

Updates and Hotfixes

[DE]Drew – “PS4: The Pacifism Defect (U19.13.1)
Hotfix March 28th.

Warframe Nexus News

Nothing new to share this week.

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