Clan Disbands Due to Pacifists Not Participating in New Event

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION ON MARS—After years of defending the Sol System to maintain the balance, the Extremely Digital Clan has disbanded. Once known for their ambitious participation in Dark Sectors and unreal innovations on the battlefield, the ED Clan’s disbanding marks the end of an era.

The once proud Moon Clan had been struggling with activity for several months prior to the disbanding and had downsized to a Shadow tier late 2015. Nearly complete with the latest batch of new research projects in the Dojo but with only two members active within the last 30 days, the few remaining ranking officers pulled the plug on the fading legend.

Some of the Clan’s most active Tenno had moved on in the earlier waves of downsizing, dissatisfied with the lull their brothers in arms had fallen into. Some had simply retired or moved on to more peaceful pastures. The Clan was no longer active on the front lines and those who remained were far more relaxed in regards to the constant struggles in the Sol System.

The latest call to action by the Lotus to rescue Grineer defectors was met with resounding pacifism and so the Clan was finally disbanded. At press time, sources report that the ED Clan was 24 hours away from completing the Hema research.

Written By TGDM

Overly sarcastic video game enthusiast.

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