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Analysis of Warframe’s Crafting System: Crafting Times

Many Free-To-Play (F2P) games rely heavily on time investment when it comes to giving players a sense of progression and purpose to continue playing over a span of months rather than hours. This is accomplished in a variety of ways within Warframe: progression systems for players to level up and become more powerful the longer they play, collection systems designed around the idea of chance acquisition, and gameplay which feels rewarding. This month we’ll be taking a look at Warframe’s Foundry system which is one of the connecting points between progression and collection. Specifically, this editorial will be taking a look at crafting times for items.

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A Primer On Optimizing Mod Ranks

In Warframe, the core of your strength does not actually come from your equipment. Some weapons are certainly more powerful than others (MK1-Braton vs Braton Prime, for example), but your true strength comes from Modules (commonly referred to as “Mods”) installed onto your chosen equipment. As you progress in Warframe, your mods will be crucial for advancing to higher level areas. Continue reading “A Primer On Optimizing Mod Ranks”

Analysis of Warframe’s Market Prices

At some point in the time you play Warframe, you will visit the Market. The Market is where Digital Extremes (DE) blends together the in-game currency (Credits) and the premium currency (Platinum), serving as a pit stop on the path of progression within the game. It is one of the few systems within Warframe which has not been revamped or updated alongside the other elements of the game.

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