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The Endless Dilemma

Endless missions in Warframe have become a hot topic in the months following the release of the Specters of the Rail update. One of the key features in the update was an attempt to reduce symptoms of “Void Fatigue” from repeating the same missions over and over in hopes of getting a specific reward. This goal was accomplished by changing the way these rewards were paid out and streamlining access to the required missions. However, the update had subsequently impacted the incentives to stay in some endless missions. This article will explore the current state of endless missions and the reasons why it become a hot topic within the community. Continue reading “The Endless Dilemma”

Analysis of Warframe’s Trial Missions

The Law of Retribution Trial mission was added to Warframe on March 19, 2015, as Digital Extreme’s first attempt to create a dungeon-like mission for high-level groups of players. Trial missions require players to work together by dealing with environmental and enemy threats all the while working towards completing objectives across three consecutively linked missions. However, Trial missions failed to hold the attention of the majority of players and further Trial development has been placed on an indefinite hold. This article provides an in-depth analysis of the implementation and design of the Trials to provide a better understanding of why these special missions failed to capture player interest. Continue reading “Analysis of Warframe’s Trial Missions”

Analysis of Warframe’s Updating Schedule

At a time of uncertainty for the future of the company, Digital Extremes launched the Warframe Open Beta on March 18, 2013. Regarded by fans as the spiritual successor to the game Dark Sector, Warframe became a burden of love for Digital Extremes which was meant to be everything they had wanted to be in Dark Sector but could not accomplish. In an interview earlier this year at PAX East 2016, Warframe’s Creative Director Steve Sinclair spoke briefly on the origins of Warframe and the struggle to find a publisher for the game. One of the publishers had essentially told him “You guys will fail. You guys will make a beautiful game and you’ll never update it. You won’t be able to update it.” The developers were faced with rejection and grim projections of their future as they approached different publishers and yet three years later Warframe is still alive and well with a vigorous update cycle. This article provides an analysis of Warframe’s Update schedule for the PC platform by visualizing the data from the past three years of updates. Continue reading “Analysis of Warframe’s Updating Schedule”

The Failures of Focus

Focus was added to Warframe as part of The Second Dream quest included with Update 18.0 in December 2015. The cinematic quest has been highly praised by the Warframe community as an exciting first step toward unveiling the secrets of the Tenno — the player character faction — and breathing new life into the game by introducing new content and gameplay systems. Though by no means a complete source, the steamcharts.com page shows a gain of 11,900 players in the month of December. That’s nearly double the amount of players which were lost in the previous month of November. This update introduced Focus – a new progression system bound to your account designed as an endgame advancement system.

This article provides an analysis of the Focus system to support the claim that Focus has failed as an endgame system. Continue reading “The Failures of Focus”

Analysis of Warframe Abilities: Duration and Range Base Values

In Warframe, you control a character which has access to a variety of abilities which grow in strength and magnitude as you play. Your progression is marked by a notable increase in power with these abilities which can make a substantial difference in the flow of combat. The abilities differ between each class of Warframe – the powered suits which the players control – and provide combat utility, support for allies, or pure destructive power against your enemies. These abilities can be further modified using upgrade modules players can earn through gameplay as well. The focus of this article is to analyze a variety of these abilities with a primary focus on base values for Range and Duration effects and how they are used. Continue reading “Analysis of Warframe Abilities: Duration and Range Base Values”