Behind Enemy Lines: Grineer Queens Furious Over Kuva Shortage

KUVA FORTRESS, SOL SYSTEM—Following the events of a recent encounter face-to-face with the Tenno, the Kuva Guardian forces have been frantically attempting to replenish the Grineer’s Kuva reserves. Thousands of Kuva Siphons have been deployed across the system accompanied by elite forces from the Queens’ fortress. Ex-Grineer forces now working with the Steel Meridian syndicate have reported that the younger queen has been on a month-long tantrum, executing thousands of Grineer soldiers for failing to provide her with more Kuva.

The claims are backed by recent defectors of the Grineer to the Steel Meridian syndicate as well as TCN sources within the Grineer’s military ranks. One of our sources agreed to comment, but wished to remain anonymous: “At first I thought she was just being dramatic, broadcasting on an open channel like that, and always talking about eating us. I have no idea what this Kuva stuff is, but last week an entire platoon was executed and then their bodies were used as mulch because of it. I put in a transfer to get off of the fortress the next day.”

Much to the ire of the Grineer soldiers, Worm (the younger of the twin queens) has been openly broadcasting her Kuva Siphon deployments across multiple frequencies. Unsurprisingly, the Tenno would show up to confront the Grineer and disrupt the extraction process. Though it remains unclear what the Kuva is or how the Siphon constructs collect it, the Tenno have discovered for themselves why the Queens want it: Riven Mods.

Kuva can be fed into these unique mods to cycle them by essentially resetting them. The Tenno have already collectively consumed hundreds of thousands of Kuva to cycle through Riven Mods. “It’s all because she got a damn Grakata Riven Mod” said the anonymous source. “She must have cycled it at least a hundred times by now — that’s why she needs so much Kuva. It’s to reroll the same damn Riven.”


Written By TGDM

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