There are a few paths of progression in Warframe. For your overall account, there are a few particular key points:

  • Mastery Rank – Earned by ranking up different equipment.
  • Star Chart completion – Done by completing missions. Complete Junction objectives to unlock new areas.
  • Mod collection – Variety of acquisition methods (see Basic Mods Guide).
  • Prime equipment collection – Collect Relics and complete Void Fissures to earn Prime equipment.
  • Syndicate Standing – Earned by gaining affinity while wearing a Syndicate sigil.
  • Focus Schools – Earned by obtaining Focus Lenses and gaining affinity with specific equipment.

As a new player, your goal should be to advance through the Star Chart. Simply put: Go to Navigation, complete any nodes you have not yet completed, and work your way up to the next Junction mission. After completing a Junction, you will unlock access to a new system. Refer to the Planets page on the wiki for more information. The more places you can go, the more resources you collect, the more rewards you can obtain.