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Warframe Update 18.9: Banshee Soprana

Main Features: New skin set for Banshee featuring a new sigil and Sonicor skin with its bundle, adjustments to Nova’s abilities visual effects, creepier Infested Sortie mission tilesets on Corpus Ships and Grineer Galleons, and a handful of tweaks and fixes. This post will include Hotfixes and any other updates following 18.9.x. Continue reading “Warframe Update 18.9: Banshee Soprana”

DevPost Roundup: April 16, 2016

A weekly round-up of the more noteworthy DevPosts on the Official Forums. This week’s roundup features the recap of Prime Time #114, an update for the Warframe Nexus App, more warframes being added to the TennoGen Tool, as well as some changes and bug fixes. TennoCon tickets and Nyx Statue (pre-orders) are now on sale.

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System Tenno Completes Several Trades Without Being Banned

A local System Tenno emerges triumphantly from yet another clan’s Dojo after successfully completing a trade. Two Tenno had entered, but only one would survive the trade. For the other, the Dojo would become their final resting place once the trade was finished.

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Analysis of Warframe’s Market Prices

At some point in the time you play Warframe, you will visit the Market. The Market is where Digital Extremes (DE) blends together the in-game currency (Credits) and the premium currency (Platinum), serving as a pit stop on the path of progression within the game. It is one of the few systems within Warframe which has not been revamped or updated alongside the other elements of the game.

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