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System Tenno Fashionably Late to Nitain Alert

A local System Tenno set out with the intention to complete a simple Nitain Alert earlier today but found themselves caught up in the world of high Warframe fashion. Onlookers remain skeptical if the System Tenno’s stylistic choices reflect their own tastes well enough but are now intent on finding newer, fresher looks themselves. Continue reading “System Tenno Fashionably Late to Nitain Alert”

Digital Extremes Addresses Controversy Surrounding Vauban Prime

Thousands of eager Tenno plunged back into the Void this week to begin their hunt for the new Vauban Prime parts which were released in Update 18.12. Shortly after the update arrived, controversy broke out as players discovered the crafting costs for Vauban set record resource requirements in almost every category. Digital Extremes has already taken some action to appease the Tenno by reducing the Oxium requirements from 14,000 to 7,000 (Hotfix 18.12.1) but many players still feel slighted by such high costs. In addition to steps already being taken specifically to the Vauban Prime Access update, Digital Extremes has announced a long-term solution to re-establish trust with the community.

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