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System Tenno Underwhelmed by Shadow Stalker Assassination Attempt

In light of the recent changes to modding capacity in Hotfix 18.13.2, Tenno have been reporting decreased activity from the infamous Shadow Stalker. Rumored for years to have an increased spawn chance when players have low level or otherwise limited loadouts, the increase to base modding capacity relative to Mastery Rank has seemingly resulted in the Stalker taking greater care of picking his targets. Though far less active, the rogue warframe hell-bent on assassinating the Tenno one by one has reportedly been having trouble striking down his foes. A local system Tenno shares their experiences with a recent encounter against Hunhow’s shadowy agent.

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Analysis of Warframe’s Crafting System: Crafting Times

Many Free-To-Play (F2P) games rely heavily on time investment when it comes to giving players a sense of progression and purpose to continue playing over a span of months rather than hours. This is accomplished in a variety of ways within Warframe: progression systems for players to level up and become more powerful the longer they play, collection systems designed around the idea of chance acquisition, and gameplay which feels rewarding. This month we’ll be taking a look at Warframe’s Foundry system which is one of the connecting points between progression and collection. Specifically, this editorial will be taking a look at crafting times for items.

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