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System Tenno Reminisces About Fusion Cores

ORCUS RELAY, PLUTO—Overhearing a group of newer Tenno eagerly discussing how much Endo they had saved up in order to rank up their recently obtained Primed Mods, a veteran Tenno began rambling on and on about Fusion Cores and how newer players don’t even appreciate how good they have it now.
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DevPost Roundup: February 11, 2017

A weekly round-up of the more noteworthy DevPosts on the Official Forums. This week’s roundup features the recap of Prime Time #152, the latest episode of the Second Stream Podcast, Steve’s farewell address to Mynki, the return of the Acolytes and the annual Eros celebration, as well as some changes and bug fixes.

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Orokin Derelicts Closed Due to Flooding

OROKIN DERELICTS, SOL SYSTEM—Access to several Orokin Derelict towers was allegedly cut off by the Lotus late last January due to reports of flooding. Many Tenno remain skeptical of these reports as have not seen any evidence to support the possibility of a flood in the first place. The Forma’s Senior Derelict Anlayst files this report.
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