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System Tenno Struggles to Explain Warframe Addiction to Family

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES—Surprised by friends asking about Warframe and expressing genuine interest in his hobbies, system Tenno DamageLtd, MR23, broke into a sweat as he attempted to formulate some kind of response as the rest of his family members present at the event joined in on the ambush.

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Analysis of Stealth Gameplay in Warframe

“Ninjas Play Free” — The tagline boasted at the end of the Warframe cinematic trailer invokes a sense of eastern allure with a promise of ninja-like gameplay with the powerful characters shown in the cinematic footage of warframes on the battlefield. The mastery of martial arts and powerful abilities is prominent in the design of the game, though it does not take long to realize that there is very little offered in regards to the stealth component of being a ninja in Warframe. Over the years, Digital Extremes has made several improvements and adjustments to stealth gameplay, but ultimately it is an underwhelming aspect of gameplay which is quickly ignored in favor of more brute force tactics.

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Clan Disbands Due to Pacifists Not Participating in New Event

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION ON MARS—After years of defending the Sol System to maintain the balance, the Extremely Digital Clan has disbanded. Once known for their ambitious participation in Dark Sectors and unreal innovations on the battlefield, the ED Clan’s disbanding marks the end of an era.

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