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Resurgence of Players Flood Warframe Servers in 2035

KRONIA RELAY, SATURN—It has been nearly 50 years since the last Warframe account had received an automated ban. Once one of the most popular Sci-Fi Third-Person Shooters available on the market, Warframe had seen a steady decline in users in the years following the game’s official launch out of “Beta” in 2018. A blogger from the time period by the name of Tedrick Gallman had researched the subject at length but did not receive recognition for the works until recent years when scholars confirmed its historical accuracy. Most notable for the attention to detail on seemingly mundane occurrences, his works are now considered an unquestionable authority on the matter of automatic suspensions within Warframe’s user base. Continue reading “Resurgence of Players Flood Warframe Servers in 2035”

Warframe Community Struggling to Maintain Outrage after Every Update

After a rapid fire set of updates and hotfixes in recent months, long time fans of Warframe are reportedly struggling to find new things to become outraged over in each new update. The heated passions that fueled a burning discussion have dwindled down to lukewarm embers incapable of casting a shadow on the errors of every single update.

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