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Digital Extremes Teases New Content At PAX East

Thousands of Tenno eagerly awaited Digital Extremes’ staff to take the stage of the Dragonfly Theater at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center online and IRL. After a few weeks of teasing with vague images, cryptic comments, and even placeholder red herrings hidden with the the game files, players eagerly awaited the culmination of years waiting for promised content such as the Kela De Thaym rework, Star Chart 3.0, Nef Anyo rework, and a variety of other improvements to the game such as Adjustable UI, Fusion Rework, and replayable quests.
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Warframe Update 18.9: Banshee Soprana

Main Features: New skin set for Banshee featuring a new sigil and Sonicor skin with its bundle, adjustments to Nova’s abilities visual effects, creepier Infested Sortie mission tilesets on Corpus Ships and Grineer Galleons, and a handful of tweaks and fixes. This post will include Hotfixes and any other updates following 18.9.x. Continue reading “Warframe Update 18.9: Banshee Soprana”