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Warframe Update 20.0: Octavia’s Anthem

Main Features: A new warframe and quest to acquire her. Several weapons were rebalanced in this update and many QoL adjustments were made such as 4K UI support, Dojos being hosted on DE servers, Clan Affinity and Rank, Captura (photobooth mode), and much more. This post will include Hotfixes and any other updates under the branch of 20.x. Continue reading “Warframe Update 20.0: Octavia’s Anthem”

One Year of TCN

This week marks one year of TCN. One year of weekly satirical stories, one year of monthly in-depth analysis, one year of weekly DevPost Recaps, one year of Devstream coverage, one year of tracking news for the InDev page, one year of managing various tools and resources for the game, and one year of maintaining the site with duct tape. There are some changes coming for this next year and I hope you’ve enjoyed the content thus far!

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